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US Open

Djokovic v Wawrinka: US Open final as it happened

Stan Wawrinka wins the men's US Open 2016 against Djokovic. 7-6(1), 4-6, 5-7, 3-6.

MCX11. Flushing Meadows (United States), 11/09/2016.- Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland reacts after defeating Novak Djokovic of Serbia during the men's final on the final day of the US Open Tennis Championships at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flush

Wawrinka wins the US Open 2016

Stan Wawrinka claimed his third Grand Slam title, beating Novak Djokovic in the Arthur Ashe stadium in four sets. 

Djokovic embraces Wawrinka at the end of the match.
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Djokovic embraces Wawrinka at the end of the match.Robert DeutschUSA Today Sports

Wawrinka started somewhat slowly, but came back from a break down in the first set to force a tie-break, though he was overwhelmed there, winning just one point.

But over the next three sets Wawrinka loosened  up and started playing the better tennis, cutting down on his unforced error rate and beginning to get his backhand into its unplayable groove.

"You were the more courageous player", said Djokovic after the match, and it was that courage that saw Wawrinka win his 11th final in a row.

Djokovic was forced to call for two medical time outs in the fourth set as his toe was giving him trouble and he was clearly hampered by the pain. But though Djokovic was struggling, Wawrinka looked like he would have been unstoppable by this point, and the pain in Djokovic's toe merely hastened the end. 

"You're a great champion", said Wawrinka to his opponent, admitting he'd learnt a lot from training with Djokovic. "This is amazing", admitted Wawrinka, close to tears as he thanked the audience and paid tribute to those who had suffered in the events of "15 years ago". 

Djokovic v Wawrinka, how it happened

Djokovic 1-3  Wawrinka 7-6(1), 4-6, 5-7, 3-6

Djokovic 3-6 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka drawn into a longish rally, that he loses by going long unforced. 0-15. And he can't get his backhand winner spot on either, just slips wide. 0-30. But a big serve and a big winner gets him on the board 15-30. And a big old serve that Djok can't get back brings up 30-30. Two points eh. Just two points. Djok into the net and it's CHAMPIONSHIP POINT! 

Big serve, Djok keeps it in, and Stan nets! Saved! Deuce.

Wawrinka blasts one that Djok JUST gets back, but only to see Stan plop an easy volley home. CHAMPIONSHIP POINT!

Djokovc goes long and STAN WAWRINKA WINS THE US OPEN 2016!

Djokovic* 3-5 Wawrinka

Nice serve and follow up winner from Novak. 15-0. Double fault. 15-15. Dear oh dear. More double faults than aces for Djokovic. Gets a second serve in and produces a neat bit of play to get Stan off balance. 30-15. And a good serve to bring up 40-15. Short lob and big smash to bring up the game. Stan to serve for the Championship!

Medical time-out Djokovic

Djokovic's shoe is off again. There's blood on the plaster that was put on before. His foot's trembling and he looks pretty gutted about the situation. 

Lots more bandaging going onto Djokovic's toe (the second one on his right foot). 

Djokovic 2-5 Wawrinka*

Long rally and a sliced drop shot from Djokovic brings Stan sprinting to the net and he gets a perfect angled winner, with a tiny bit of help from the tape. 15-0. Djokovic loses the plot there. He's struggling again. 30-0. Djokovic in real trouble, Stan patiently probing him, and eventually Djokovic just wants to get out of the rally and hits one wildly at the net. 40-0. And then game for Stan. Djokovic appears to just want to sit down.

Djokovic* 2-4 Wawrinka

Wawrinka goes for a mighty winner, but he puts it just out. Djok was getting nowhere near that. 15-0. And then 30-0. And 40-0 as Stan can't get a return back. And game Djok. To love.

Djokovic 1-4 Wawrinka*

New plaster doesn't help Djokovic keep that one in, the ball flying well out the back. 15-0. Ace! 30-0. Wawrinka stalls on the next point, netting. 30-15. That's some mad angle Djokovic has produced there. 30-30. And the next attack from Djokovic to the net forces Wawrinka to go down the line with a backhand, and he pushes it wide. Break point! SAVED AT THE NET BY STAN! Deuce. Wawrinka is fired up. Still angry about the medical break maybe.

But another BREAK POINT! Loose one out behind the baseline. But Djok fails to convert again, also going long. What a winner from Djokovic! A whipped curling forehand right onto Stan's line. Break point number 3. Which he doesn't convert. Flailing a forehand wide. That's a booming serve from Wawrinka! But it's called out. he glares, but doesn't challenge. But wins it off his second serve. Advantage Stan. And he converts!

Medical time out for Djokovic

Djokovic has his shoes off and the trainer is cutting a plaster for his toe. He's got some hard skin lifted up on his big toe, which isn't that attractive, as toes go. 

Wawrinka is stretching by his seat, he's not very happy about this break. The match official tells him "you can ask for treatment whenever you want". Djokovic calls over and says sorry for the break to his opponent. Stan waves that it's ok. But he clearly isn't pleased. 

Plaster on, back to the action!

Djokovic* 1-3 Wawrinka

Djokovic is in trouble here. Pats one tamely long. 0-15. But responds with an ace! 15-15. But Nole isn't moving at all well. And he sends another easy ball out the back. 15-30. Wawrinka right on top in the next rally, but he puts the final winner wide. 30-30. Now Djokovic is looking at his foot as if something's wrong with it. DOUBLE FAULT! 30-40. Break point for Stan! And Djokovic comes up behind an attacking shot, forces Stan into the lob and then batters away the smash. Bold tennis in the circumstances. Deuce.

Then Novak gets advantage and DOUBLE FAULTS. Dearie me. Djokovic is not right. He's struggling to serve right. Deuce. Stan nets. Advantage Djokovic. But the Serb left stretching his legs miserably again as he puts an easy ball into the net. Deuce and the longer this goes on the better for Wawrinka. Djok ends up taking the game with two mistakes from Stan. But he goes off hobbling. And he's asking for the physio! Wawrinka doesn't look happy about it. Djokovic appears to be saying he's got a sore foot (he wouldn't be allowed a trainer for cramping). 

Djokovic 0-3 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka races to 30-0 with a nice ace in the mix. And another ace! 40-0. And Novak doesn't even chase the next one. Game Stan. He's struggling. He's asking for ice.

Djokovic* 0-2 Wawrinka

Wawrinka starts brightly, then errs badly. 15-15. Ace! 30-15. Net chord that Stan has to run round to get onto, but he does, and he forces the error from Novak. Who holds his groin in pain after that point. Cramping? Not a good sign for the Serb! 30-30. ANOTHER BACKHAND MOMENT OF GENIUS FROM STAN! BREAK POINT! 30-40. And Djokovic is limping....

Break! Nole hits and hits to stay in it, but eventually he finds the net. Break up for Wawrinka!

Djokovic 0-1 Wawrinka*

Djokovic is always chasing the opening point of the fourth set and ends up going long. 15-0. What a backhand from Wawrinka! 30-0. And ANOTHER ONE! 40-0. That's some hitting. The next one's into the net though. 40-15. Novak batters one out the back and that's an easy hold for Stan.

Wawrinka has won his last 10 finals in a row, and he has his nose in front here, leading 2 sets to 1! 

Third set. 7-6(1), 4-6 

Djokovic* 5-7 Wawrinka

Big booming serve to set him on his way for Nole here. 15-0. Wild swing completely mistimed from Stan. The ball does not come back down anywhere near the court. 30-0. Wawrinka stays in the next rally and eventually it's Djokovic who goes wide. 30-15. Wawrinka goes long, or does he... ref asks to review and it's in! Not 40-15, it's 30-30! But Wawrinka nets his return. 40-30. And Djok nets his next groundstroke. Deuce. Nervous times for the Serb. And after a bizarre point where nobody really hit the ball hard at all it's Novak who sends one nervously long. SET POINT FOR WAWRINKA! 

Second serve... Wawrinka attacks and it's too good for Novak who goes wide! WAWRINKA WINS THE THIRD SET! 

Djokovic 5-6 Wawrinka*

What a drop shot from Djokovic! Stan stranded 0-15. But a decent serve gets him back to 15-15. Stan pummels one miles long. 15-30. Danger for the Swiss! My word, no nerves from Stan there. Pressure on, but he puts a forehand winner RIGHT IN THE CORNER. 30-30.

Novak lands one on the net chord and it drops back on his side. On such tiny things are great events decided. 40-30. AND ANOTHER ONE OFF THE NET CHORD AND BACK ON HIS SIDE FOR NOVAK! Game Stan. Novak serving to force a tie-break. 

Djokovic* 5-5 Wawrinka

Challenge to Wawrinka's drive down the line. But it's out. 15-0. Brutal stuff from Djokovic... a hard-hit backhand which Stan scrambles back from his toes, but the Serb slams the resulting half-court ball past him. 30-0. Wawrinka loses control of the next one, and it's 40-0. Forehand winner from Djokovic! Easy hold!

Djokovic 4-5 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka batters his way to 15-0, some big shots there. Ball sits up for Wawrinka at the baseline and he SWATS the winner past Novak. 30-0. Djokovic goes on an adventure to the net. It doesn't last long as he leaves a big space on his right and Wawrinka slots the passing shot into it easily. 40-0. Djok onto the board in the game as Stan double faults. 40-15. And his next angled return is superb. Nothing Stan can do with that. 40-30.

Things have turned around in this game! The ball sits up at the back of the court, Wawrinka goes for a big hit, but he finds the net. Deuce. Error from Novak and it's advantage Wawrinka. Backhand into the net from the Swiss player and back to deuce we go. Return miles long from Nole, can Wawrinka convert his advantage this time? No he can't, he gets into a longish rally, and then he nets. Deuce, once again. Great serve, advantage Wawrinka. Another good serve and Djokovic goes long! Game Stan! Djokovic will serve to stay in the third set!

Djokovic* 4-4 Wawrinka

Djokovic hits some nice shots down the middle until Wawrinka dobs one into the net. 15-0. The Swiss goes long on the next rally to give up 30-0. Oh, tasty sliced dropper from Stan, but Djokovic gets there, and Stan's up to the net too, but Djok wins the duel sending the ball just far enough right of Stan so he can't get it back. 40-0. Wawrinka gets on the board. 40-15. Desperate defence from Wawrinka isn't enough and the Serb holds easily.

Djokovic 3-4 Wawrinka*

That's some forehand from Wawrinka to bring up 15-0! Djok got a racquet on it, but he was never going to get it back. 15-0. Djok goes long and it's 30-0. Djokovic's turn to get the howitzers out, with a massive return and then an almight winner with Stan struggling. 30-15. And then 30-30 as Stan is forced so far out wide he can play it round the post, but doens't get it in. Ace! 40-30. Djok goes long! Game Wawrinka!

Djokovic* 3-3 Wawrinka

Neat start sees Djokovic to 30-0. Then one into the net from the Serb. 30-15. They've both played some really good tennis at times, but the unforced error rate from both is still high. 30-30 comes up as Wawrinka hits a perfect backhand winner to rebut my argument. Ha! But then he puts the next one tamely into the net. 40-30. And the next attempted backhand winner from Stan is just a smidgen out! Game Djokovic.

Djokovic 2-3 Wawrinka*

Half-volley winner from Wawrinka gets applause from Novak! What a shot. And the next rally is perfect too. A big shot forces Djok right back and Stan comes in to put the volley away. Great tennis. 30-0. Stan right on top here. But he goes for another big winner and puts it long. 30-15. Goodness me. Another backhand that Djokovic can only watch. 40-15. Boris looks worried. 9 backhand winners for Stan.

Mistake from the Swiss player takes us to 40-30. And then he sends a big forehand long too. What a funny game tennis is, Stan goes to deuce when he looked completely on top here. And then it's Djokovic's turn to err, netting a forehand to kill what was developing into an interesting rally. Advantage Wawrinka. But he nets a backhand and deuce. Hang on, break point! Stan's backhand which can be so beautiful turns ugly and goes long. But the Swiss saves! Deuce again. Djokovic confuses Stan by lobbing an easy ball back to him when he thought the Swiss player's ball was going long, but it just sneaked in. Stan so confused by the easy ball he whacks it long and it's BREAK POINT!

A battle of big battering blows has everyone's nerves on edge and then Wawrinka lands one on the net chord... and it falls back on his side! Djokovic has the break! Boy he held on well there.

Djokovic* 1-3 Wawrinka

Backhand into the net as Novak gets his feet in the wrong place and overreaches. 0-15. Three lobs in a row and Stan gets back into a rally as Djokovic can't put a smash away. And it's 0-30 as Djok ends up going long. What Swiss defence! But Stan floats some backhands over in the next rally and eventually floats one right out the back. 15-30. Great smash running back from Djokovic, that was a venemous lob from Wawrinka, and at 15-30 too! 30-30. Wawrinka's next return is poor and long. 40-30. And the next rally goes the same way. Game for Mr Djokovic.

Djokovic 0-3 Wawrinka*

Djokovic looks tired... Stan has him on the ropes but decides to give him another chance sending the ball back down his forehand side, but Djokovic can't keep it in. 15-0. And then Wawrinka double faults. Bad mistake to take the pressure off like that. 15-15.

What a backhand from Stan, so far out wide and what an angle, but Djokovic GETS TO IT and then Wawrinka puts the drop shot into the net! 15-30. Wawrinka deals with the situation though with an ace. 30-30. Stan goes for the winner, but he's long! 30-40! Break point!

And Wawrinka saves, putting one right onto the baseline that Djokovic sends into the net. Deuce. Beautiful whipped winner from Wawrinka to get advantage. Beautiful big hitting from Djokovic but Wawrinka stands firm and as Djok comes in the Swiss player backhands it past the Serb to take the game. Elegant, wicked, winning.

Djokovic* 0-2 Wawrinka

Djokovic moves neatly to 30-0. But then Stan pulls out his magic wand of a backhand to conjure a winner from nowhere. Tasty. 30-15. And Novak nets for no good reason. 30-30. And Wawrinka passes Djokovic at the net to bring up break point! Stan on fire! Superb Djok volley to get a blasted ball back, but he can't get the next one! Break! Stan is on top here!

Djokovic 0-1 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka steps inside and blasts away a winner. Tasty and that's what everyone wants to see from him. 15-0. But he nets the next one. 15-15.

What a rally! Stan had it won, but sent what should have been the winner back where Djok was, who grabbed the chance gratefully to get back in the rally. In the end Stan flubs a drop-shot which didn't need to be that good, but it nestles at the bottom of the net. 15-30.

And then 15-40. Danger for Stan. Double break point. Djokovic challenges a Stan serve as he nets the return. But it was on the line. 30-40.

Ball hits the net chord and sits up tastily for Wawrinka who hammers the winner. Deuce! Djok pulls a face. Djokovic leaps up to hit a return, but his funky technique doesn't work, as the ball goes wide. Advantage Stan, but he can't take advantage, getting one off the frame that flies high and out. Deuce. Next one off the frame too for Wawrinka, but this one under pure Djok pressure. Break point!

Stan saves under a lot of pressure, as Djokovic can't keep a forehand under control. Deuce. Great Stan serve gets a "oooo" out of Djok as the ball climbs into his guts. Advantage Stan. And he aces to take the game.

All square. Into the third set we go. 

Second set, first set Djokovic 7-6 (1)

Djokovic* 4-6 Wawrinka

First blood to Wawrinka with a return on the line, and Djok then goes wide. 0-15. Stan sees a great winner down the line. He hits it very, very hard, but does not manage to get it in. 15-15. Novak's turn to put one out. 15-30. Dangerous moment this... first serve out... second serve is good, into a rally that Wawrinka wins IMPERIOUSLY! What a rally, what a forehand winner down the line. Set point! Wawrinka points at his head. He likes doing that. Big lob from Wawrinka that Djok lets bounce! And then attacks to the net and volleys to save the first set point. 30-40. Djokovic goes wide. WAWRINKA WINS THE SECOND SET!

Djokovic 4-5 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka ups his game with a superb opening point even Djokovic applauds. Big hitting and even better angles, finished with a top winner. 15-0. How does Djokovic get to that? Huge sprint across the court to get a drop shot. And he nearly gets the next one, but it's just too far and out of his reach to come from the net to the back of the court. 30-0. Wawrinka going for it here. Nice kicking serve flies off Djok's racquet and out. 40-0. And first hold to love for Stan as Djok can't control his next return either.

Djokovic* 4-4 Wawrinka

Djokovic to try and level at 4-4 in the second. Booming first serve that Wawrinka can only get back to the net. 15-0. Half court ball and Djokovic leathers the winner home gleefully! 30-0. Djok looking aggressive now. Too good! Djokovic sends Stan miles out to his backhand and slams home the winner on the other side. Stan looks dolefully at the ball as it passes him. And game to love for Djokovic! That was power tennis from the Serb.

Djokovic 3-4 Wawrinka*

What a return! Sat up nicely for the forehand, and what a forehand from Djokovic! 0-15. Long slug-fest from the two sees Djokovic try to get an angle out on Stan's forehand, but goes wide. 15s. Djokovic gets another good return in, but wastes the opportunity as he nets tamely.30-15. How bizarre from Stan, leaps up to take a backhand and it goes flying off randomly, in the opposite direction from the court. 30-30. Double challenge on the next point! A Djok backhand so close to the side-line... and it was GOOD! Djokovic gets his break point! And Wawrinka GOES LONG. BREAK BACK!

Djokovic* 2-4 Wawrinka

Great soft return from Wawrinka takes all the pace off the serve, but Djokovic puts it back on again with his next shot. Wawrinka nets. 15-0. Then Stan tries to get aggressive and goes long with a top-spin forehand. 30-0. Next return is also powered, and also long. 40-0. And game to love for Djok!

Djokovic 1-4 Wawrinka*

Stan nets tamely to kill off his adrenaline after that break. 0-15. Double fault next up. 0-30. So common after a break. And then Wawrinka goes long, so three break-back points for Djokovic. 0-40. Djok desperate for the break, looking aggressive, but eventually tries to hard and nets. 15-40. Great serve and the return from out wide doesn't make it. Challenge from Djokovic fails. 30-40. Last break back point.

And the next return down the middle is straight into the net. Three break points saved. Deuce! ACE! Advantage Stan! Big shout from the Swiss. Wawrinka goes onto the front foot there and you can see what he can do when he's firing on all cylinders, moves Djokovic about and slams home the winner. Game and break consolidated for Wawrinka! 

Djokovic* 1-3 Wawrinka

Backhand to forehand rally, until Wawrinka once again puts it out the back, without really looking for anything other than a bit of depth. 15-0. Djokovic double faults (his third) and it's 15s. That's a lovely serve and Djokovic booms the forehands until Wawrinka can't get to it. 30-15. Djokovic is scary when he's hitting it like that. 40-15 comes up easily. Djok at 91% 1st serves won. An easy backhand inexplicably slides long from Novak. 40-30. The Serb isn't on top form here. FOURTH DOUBLE FAULT. And Djokovic lets the game slide to deuce. Odd from him. And some nice backhands from Wawrinka see Djokovic pushed wide and eventually make the error. Break point!! WHAT A WINNER FROM STAN. A backhand RIGHT INTO THE CORNER. BREAK for Wawrinka!

Djokovic 1-2 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka moves comfortably to 30-0. But he nets on the next rally when he can't get round to hit a backhand properly. 30-15. Some nice backhands from Djok are ruined when he goes for the winner on the forehand side and goes wide. 40-15. Stan moves Djok miles out wide, but bizarrely puts the next one down the middle and long. 40-30. Good kicking serve from Stan is too much for Djokovic and it's game. 

Wawrinka has been at his best when he's properly gone for his points, mostly when he fought back in the first set. Most of his unforced errors come when he feels he should go for the point, but lacks the courage of his convictions. 

Djokovic* 1-1 Wawrinka

Now it's Djokovic turn to send one into the net under no pressure. 0-15. BOOM! Wawrinks runs onto a half-volley drop shot that stands up for him, but he lashes it out! 15-15. DOUBLE FAULT from Djokovic! 15-30. Drive volley from Djokovic! Stan gets the lob back from that, but Djokovic kills it from there. Nice tekkers from the Serb. 30-30. Wawrinka is angry about something, giving the umpire some chat. But he netted on that last point and it's 40-30. A nice rally develops, but Stan goes long trying to go deep. Game Djokovic.

Djokovic 0-1 Wawrinka*

Good return from Djokovic and Wawrinka nets AGAIN. He needs to raise his game here and cut out the number of unforced errors. Djokovic nets his next return though 15-15. Next return slides wide. 30-15. A rally starts developing, but Wawrinka decides to add some pace, but just goes long. 30-30. Great, great work from Wawrinka there! He needs that, moving Djokovic around the court and then blasting a back-hand winner that sees Djok sprawl with a line judge. 40-30. Another long, tasty rally that Wawrinka is on top in and finally the Serb goes long and it's game Stan.

First set Djokovic

Djokovic 7-1 Wawrinka. The first set is for Djokovic! Stan once again with an unforced error. He's had too many of them in the first set. 

Djokovic 6-1 Wawrinka. The Swiss player goes long unforced and it's set point!

Djokovic 5-1 Wawrinka. Wawrinka puts it into the net and looks disgusted with himself. Double mini break for Djokovic! 

Djokovic 4-1 Wawrinka. Wawrinka goes long.

Djokovic 3-1 Wawrinka. Wawrinka goes for the winner with a great forehand out wide, but Djokovic has read it and is there and he passes and celebrates like it was a World Cup winning goal!

Djokovic 2-1 Wawrinka. Long, long rally and and an incredible finish, full of angles, volleys. Best point of the tournament, and it's Wawrinka who out thinks his opponent to volley home!

Djokovic 2-0 Wawrinka. Djokovic in control at the back and Stan forced to put one into the net. Mini break!

Djokovic 1-0 Wawrinka. The Swiss nets tamely.

Djokovic 6-6 Wawrinka*

Whipped forehand from Djokovic sends Wawrinka scrambling across to his forehand side, but he can't keep the shot in. 0-15. Wawrinka forehands and forehands through a rally and forces Djokovic to put up a lob that Stan can't kill, but Djokovic fails to control the passing shot and it's 15-15. Next short point is for Stan as Djokovic nets, 30-15. And then it's 40-15 as Djokovic sends one into the crowd, and a fan catches it! He'll be taking it home. Great serve down the middle and it's a TIE-BREAK!

Djokovic* 6-5 Wawrinka

Djokovic gets one RIGHT in the corner, races up to the net and Wawrinka on the back foot goes for a wild winner that only troubles the base of the net. 15-0. The Swiss goes for a passing winner on the next point with the same result. 30-0. And Wawrinka sends his next return long. 40-0. And the next return is long too. Game Djokovic to love. Stan to serve to take us to a tie-break. 

Djokovic 5-5 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka looking to level at 5-5. Djokovic overreaches for his first return and tamely puts it out on Stan's backhand side. The next serve is a boomer and a flying Djokovic gets a racket on it, but it's of no use. 30-0. And another big serve! 40-0. Djokovic twirls his racket with an expression of annoyance on his face. He had two set points! A big lob from Wawrinka is so high Djokovic can afford to let it bounce and put away the smash. 40-15. But the next serve is too much for the Serb and Stan IS LEVEL!

Djokovic* 5-4 Wawrinka

"Come on!" shout Wawrinka as Djokovic goes long after another hefty rally. 0-15. And the next forehand from Djokovic is long too. 0-30. Two points in a row for Wawrinka. An almightu backhand from Wawrinka brings up 0-40 as Djokovic can't control it. Stan up in it right now. Djokovic aces to get on the board in this game. 15-40. A ball right on the line from Djokovic is too much for Wawrinka who sends it wildly out. 30-40. Third break point: DOUBLE FAULT! First of the match and we're back with serve!! The nerves got to Nole...

Djokovic 5-3 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka to serve to stay in the set. Djok's reflexes too good on the opening point. 0-15. Drop shot brings Stan to the net, and Djokovic BLASTS one close to the Swiss player, who responds with a CLASS volleyed winner. 15-15. But on the next one Stan goes for a foreheand winner too early, tries to force it too much and sends it out. 15-30. Backhand accelerator from Djok and it's SET POINT! 15-40. That one was ripped and Stan couldn't control. Great serve out wide to save the first one. 30-40. Second serve on set point... it sits up nicely for Djokovic but he goes for the backhand winner and goes wide! Deuce. Late out call on the next Wawrinka serve, he challenges and it WAS IN! Replay. Stan blasts the next serve out anyway. But from the second serve Djok is nicely into the rally before a Wawrinka backhand out of nowhere takes the point. Advantage Stan and he converts the next point with a tasty forehand. Game. Djokovic will serve for the set.

Djokovic* 5-2 Wawrinka

Big, big point of brutal intensity there. Both players hitting it damn hard from the baseline, eventually Djok spots a chance and moves up to the net and Stan goes for the pass but gets overexcited and pulls it well wide. 15-0. On the next Wawrinka runs to the net to try a dinked winner past Djok but he's just wide. 30-0. Djokovic moves to 40-0 as he deals with a Wawrinka booming forehand and Stan nets his next shot. Djok takes the game on the next point and Stan will serve to stay in the first set!

Djokovic 4-2 Wawrinka*

Wawrinka falls to 0-15 netting once again with his backhand. THat's a problem. AND ANOTHER BACKHAND INTO THE NET 0-30. 12 unforced errors to Djok's 6 now for the Swiss. Djokovic's turn to net, not controlling a return to high kicking serve. 15-30. Next return goes out the back and we're level at 30s. Djokovic then tries to kill off a long rally going for a cute drop shot, but he gets the wrist trembles and it flops well short. 30-40. Wawrinka then makes the dreadful error of putting a ball half-court and Djok runs up and DEVOURS the winner. Deuce! A tough rally down the middle and it's Wawrinka who wavers, going long. BREAK POINT! But Djokovic doesn't convert this one, going long. Deuce. And on the next rally Stan shows what he can do, picking up a high ball at the baseline and battering it down the line for the winner. Missile. Advantage Stan. Ace and game!

Djokovic 4-1 Wawrinka

A rising deep backhand return from Stan kicks up at Djok and he can't control it. 0-15. Then Wawrinka goes long with an unforced error in another probing rally. 15-15. Wawrinka then goes for a winner out on the Djok backhand but he's just wide. 30-15. Wawrinka can't control the next return and it slides out the back 40-15. "Make him play!" shouts a fan. Wawrinka does get into the next rally, but then nets under no real pressure (apart from being in a US Open final...). Game Djok! Djokovic in general is being a little more aggressive, trying to put more pace on the ball, but neither player seems to have completely settled yet. But it's advantage Djokovic. 

Djokovic 3-1 Wawrinka

Great serve down the middle and Stan LASHES the forehand winner away. 15-0. He needed that. Stan attacks, comes to the net and deftly drops a volleyed winner over. Sweet tennis. 30-0. Djok goes long when there's no need and it's 40-0. Stan goes for a winner with the backhand but it's the wrong side of the line. 40-15. Second serve, leads into a long rally with Djokovic trying to put more pace on each shot, but eventually he nets and Stan is on the board!

Djokovic 3-0 Wawrinka

Djokovic moves to 30-0 love comfortably, a neat smash on the second point giving Stan no chance. A great serve down the middle gives him 40-0. And the next serve goes right through Stan, who looks a bit distraught. Game. Easy, easy hold to consolidate the break for Djokovic.

Djokovic 2-0 Wawrinka

Things get lively! Amazing point to start. Djokovic with some amazing, rubbery defence to keep a point going and then forces the error from Stan. 0-15. The next rally is similar but this time Djokovic commits the mistake. 15-15. And then a booming serve to move to 30-15. A wild Djokovic backhand is miles out and it's 40-15. Wawrinka is looking to get some big pace on his first serves, but this one's out and from the second serve Wawrinka's on the back foot and faults. 30-40. And then deuce as Wawrinka fails to control a deep Djokovic forehand. What's going on?! Wawrinka sends another one flying into the crowd and it's break point. And Djokovic breaks!

Djokovic 1-0 Wawrinka

Dkok opens the serving, and puts his first first serve long. Deep to the forehand which Stan gets back, and with his next shot he goes long. 15-0. Beautiful diagonal backhand from Stan is too much for Djokovic and he nets. 15-15. A rally threatens to get very long, but Djokovic puts a backhand inexplicably out down Stan's forehand and it's 15-30. A probing rally sees Wawrinka net one tamely. Lots of unforced errors here. 30-30. BIG serve down the middle and Stan can't control the return which flies out the back. 40-30. And another one out the back to hand Djokovic the game. Bizarre error to finish that game off. All a bit cold there from both players. They couldn't be nervous could they?


Head to head: Stan has four wins and Djok has 19. But Wawrinka won the only Grand Slam final they've faced each other in, Roland Garros 2015. 

Career prize money check. Wawrinka's banked over 22 million US dollars. Djokovic has picked up over 100 million. Not a bad stash. 

The players are warming up. The stat everybody is focusing on is the time the respective players have spent on court. And the difference is tremendous.Stan the man has played 17 hours and 54 minutes, while Djok has only been out on court for 8 hours 58 minutes, as he saw several opponents drop out.

It's also going to be hot out there, with temperatures nudging 30º degrees celsius (85ºF), so Djok's physical advantage could be more pronounced, particularly if this turns into a long match.

The players have their traditional photo snapped with the mascot. Some souvenir for the little fella. 

Huge cheers around the Arthur Ashe stadium as the players come out and are announced. Woot, woot, the US Open men's final is about to get underway...

"He plays his best tennis when it's most needed", says Djokovic about the biggest threat Wawrinka poses. 

Stan and Djok are in the tunnel, Djokovic with some fancy rubber band things warming up his lethal rubbery arms. 

The US national anthem sounds out around the Arthur Ashe stadium, where the court is covered with the stars and stripes of the US of A. Not long to go now!

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the US Open final 2016 between Stanislas Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic, covering all the build-up and the match itself from Flushing Meadow. The players will be out on court at 16:00 local time (22:00 CEST). 

US Final 2016 preview

Stanislas Wawrinka, the Swiss player who came out from Federer's shadow to win two slams (so far) has another chance at landing a major at his 31 years, having overcome Nishikori in his semi-final.

The Swiss player goes into this year's US Open final with the reliability of having won ever final he's played since 2014, 10 in total. But up against him is none other than Djokovic, undisputedly the best player in the world currently, who is looking for his 13th slam, to put him just one behind Nadal and Sampras.

Wawrinka and Djokovic

But Wawrinka's two slams have come with a defeat to Djokovic en route: in the quarter-finals in Australia in 2014 and the final of Roland Garros in 2015.

The big difference between the players at this tournament is the amount of time spent on court. Wawrinka's had a fairly standard tournament, having played 17 hours and 54 minutes.

Djokovic on the other hand had several walk-overs and has played just three complete matches to rack up 8 hours 58 minutes on court. He did however have trouble with his shoulders in his odd match against Monfils (6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-2), and needed a medical time-out for treatment.

"Wawrinka is a big-match player" said Djokovic. It doesn't get much bigger than the battle in the final at Flushing Meadows.


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