Champions League: pride in our old Europe

Most important of the unimportant

This sinful continent of ours has also done many good things. The Greeks with their philosophy, the Romans with their laws and roads, the Church with its cathedrals, the English with their railways... Many great things. Also, as Sacchi once said, the most important of the unimportant things in life is football. And within it, the best it has to offer, the Champions League, a blissful evolution of the old European Cup. Football was invented by the British, like almost all modern sports. But it was the French who made them better, inventing the European Cup, the Tour de France, the Olympics Games...

The Tour de France was a French improvement on what came before.

Its evolution and importance

The original competition was born with equality, home and away matches between the champions of each country, but it has evolved over time, resulting in clubs that can place a 'right of admission' reservation at the entrance. It has turned into a place for the elite, where rich countries (in football Spain is) can hold up to four places, while the actual champions of many countries are left out, often with challenging set of filters only to be deposited into the Europa League. Playing in the Champions League is a stamp of glory in itself. Every player worth his salt needs to be in it.

The evolution means that you don't have to be champions to be champions.

LaLiga leads the way

The Europa League competition, a younger sister, aids in the calculation of the UEFA Ranking of national championships. The last five years of results are counted. With this LaLiga wins comfortably (84,999 points) with the Bundesliga (66.606) and Premier League(65.034) trailing, something we can feel legitimately proud of. When debating the best league in the world, I can find no more valid criteria than this. Today we will hear again that familiar tune, we will see the large Champions League football logo covering the central circle and we will feel privileged once again to be European.

Sevilla's Europa League exploits have done much to support Spain's ranking.