'Godzilla' frightens the life out of Verstappen at Singapore GP

"There's a giant dinosaur on the track, I'm not kidding", the Dutch driver babbled; Force India joked: "Face to face with Godzilla!".

Un lagarto gigante se cruza a Verstappen en la F1 de Singapur

Godzilla exists, at Singapore's Marina Bay Circuit

A few years ago, the largest lizard in captivity, a Komodo Dragon could be seen lounging around in the sun at Singapore's zoo; it weighed an eye-popping150 kilos. A similar creature scuttled across the track at the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore today just as drivers were about to start their third free practice session.

It was a humungous monitor lizard. The driver closest to 'the beast' was Max Verstappen. “There's a dinosaur on the track, a giant lizard, I'm not kidding”, he could be heard nervously babbling to his engineer over his radio. Force India found the whole incident hilarious, joking on their Twitter account: “Godzilla exists!!”.