Laudrup accuses Neymar of showboating against Leganés

The Danish commentator set the social networks ablaze after accusing Neymar of provoking the Leganés players in Barcelona's 5-1 win.
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Laudrup accuses Neymar of showboating against Leganés

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Laudrip criticises Neymar

Neymar on the ball against Leganés

Barcelona thrashed Leganés 5-1 in Butarque, but the attention in Spain wasn't just focused on Messi, Neymar and Suárez. One of the beIN Sports commentators, former player Michael Laudrup, set the social networks on fire with his criticism of Neymar, for, according to the Danish legend, provoking his rivals.

Neymar was showboating says Laudrup

After Sastre fouled Neymar, Laudrup said: "Why are you taking the ball across your own half? You're provoking the opposition. Pass the ball and move elsewhere!". The Danish former player went on to say: "At 0-4 you can't be showboating and provoking your opponents".

Barcelona fans angry at Laudrup

The Barcelona fans also accused Laudrup of not giving Barça any praise for their performance. Laudrup played at Barcelona from 1989 to 1994, before a controversial move to Real Madrid, where he won the League with the club from the capital, breaking Barcelona's stranglehold on the title.