Ronaldo on being a manager: “I think a lot about it”


Ronaldo on being a manager: “I think a lot about it”

El jugador del Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, durante un partido de Champions League.


The Real Madrid star also believes that the club can win a second Champions League in a row: “You have to believe that you can.”
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Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed in an interview with World Soccer that he dreams of winning a second straight Champions League with Real Madrid and that his future could lie in management after he retires from playing.

We can win the Champions League again, says Ronaldo

I think we can win the Champions League twice in a row. When you play for Real Madrid you have to believe that you can,” he said. “We have a great team and a great manager. We have the experience from last year. We know it’s a tough competition and that you need a bit of luck but it’s a good challenge for us and the club. I’m confident that we can win it again.

The Portugal captain, who rounded off the season by leading his country to the Euro 2016 title, says he believes that last year was his best year ever as a player.

Ronaldo won his second Champions League title with Real Madrid and his third overall in 2016 with a penalty win over Atlético Madrid.

Last season was his best ever

Last year was probably my best season,” he said. “As far as titles go, I think so. Every year of my career has been incredible but this one was special. We won the first major trophy in Portuguese history and also because Real Madrid won the Champions League.

Ronaldo was forced off during the Euro 2016 final after taking a knock to his knee and, unable to get back on the pitch, spent the game shouting instructions from the dugout. Could a future in management await?

Ronaldo has no plans to move into management - yet...

“I think a lot about it,” he said. “Right now I don’t want to be a manager. In a few years people will say that I have the right profile but I don’t want to be. It’s too complicated. At the moment I just want to focus on my football, my passion. Nobody knows what the future holds. In five, six, seven years I might change my mind and become a manager.”


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