Cristiano Ronaldo's private plane in Barcelona landing incident

The aircraft landing gear failed at the point of descent and the pilot had to manually intervene to avoid serious consequences. The Madrid player and family were not onboard.

Landing gear fail

The plane of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in an incident last Monday at the El Prat airport in Barcelona when it went off the runway upon touchdown due to a technical fault, according to reports in Sport. There were no injuries to anyone onboard.

The landing gear of the Gulfstream G200 jet broke at the moment of descent and the pilot had to use his expertise to land the plane without more serious consequences.

Cristiano was involved in the 2-2 draw in Dortmund rather than with his private plane at the time of the accident.

Family not involved

The plane's owner, Cristiano, was not onboard at the time as he was in Germany preparing for the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund. The Madrid player's aircracft is rented through a private company when not being used and at the time of the incident no member of the Ronaldo family was on the plane. The Portuguese star paid nearly 20 million euros for the plane at the end of 2015.