James receives death threats

“Do you want to see how I will make you find James dead?”, read one of the threats accompanied by an image of Flintlock pistol and a case of bullets.

James receives death threats

Deaths threats sent to James

The mother of James Rodríguez Pilar Rubio has revealed that her son has been receiving death threats from a group calling themselves Legión Holk and whose activities are being monitored by the FBI for allegedly trolling social media accounts where they have been making threats of violence, and attempted extortion among other criminal offences .

James' mother has made public some of the threats which her son has been sent: “I am on my way to to your house, I am armed, say goodbye to everything you love”. “#JamesVerguenzaNacional human trash”. “Do you want to see how I am going to make you find James dead?”.

The Twitter account from where the threats are originating goes by the handle of @Frekeman and appears to be operating out of Buenos Aires. It was created this month, features an avatar of a child, has made 29 tweets, is following 14 people and has 98 followers. It could be a joke is very poor taste, of someone using the Legión Holk name to generate fear among James' family. The account's images feature one of an antique Flintlock pistol, bullets and two rifles. On the lid of the case is a scrawled message: "James Rodríguez, Legión Holk is watching you”.

James' mother, furious and worried

“What's the matter with these people, are they mad? They have sent me a message saying that it would be better to see him dead”, Pilar Rubio explained in a tweet concerning one of the threats, presumably, from the group.