Bale on RM teammates: who's fastest, best in training...?

The Wales and Real Madrid discussed the merits of his companions in an interview with TalkSport.


Betis – Real Madrid live

Gareth Bale gave an interview to TalkSport and discussed his Real Madrid teammates. The best in training? The Wales winger opted for Luka Modric. For me, Luka Modric is the best trainer. He just seems to always be consistent and sees passes that no-one else sees. Obviously being with him at Tottenham and Real Madrid, I’ve been able to witness it many times.”

Ronaldo and Varane the quickest

Asked who is the fastest player in the squad, Bale said it was a toss-up between Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane.

As to who plays the most music and the most practical jokes in the dressing room, Bale answered without hesitation: “Marcelo.”