Marcelo, Madrid's Swiss Army knife

The chaos theory

We've heard coaches talk on numerous occasions that some of the keys - if not the key - to winning games is order. And also how teams that play with no organisation or pattern cause mayhem. The interesting thing is that virtually none of them allow their players that same disorder; La Liga is brimming with tidy teams, where everyone is well-drilled and knows their role. Then there's Marcelo - too chaotic for Mou, yet other trainers have always seen something in that sense of adventure that causes chaos among Madrid's opponents and can nearly always be utilized. 

Different blades for different occasions

Saturday was another prime example as the Brazilian played as a full-back, winger, number ten and, when he scored, as a number nine. When a side boasts intelligent midfielders then it's easy to cover that player's back, which is precisely what Varane and Kroos did with aplomb. Marcelo is a joy to watch for fans, a Swiss Army knife for Zidane and a can of worms for his rivals.