Barcelona - Manchester City

Manchester City's horrendous third kit goes viral

Manchester City wore their neon orange and purple third kit for their Champions League match against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. The internet pointed and laughed.

Manchester City's horrendous third kit goes viral
Albert Gea REUTERS

Man City's third kit causes headaches at the Camp Nou

Pep Guardiola was back at the Camp Nou, a night of incredible Champions League football lay in store with reigning Spanish champions Barcelona hosting mighty Manchester City... but as the teams came out the fans only had one thought on their mind... WHAT ON EARTH ARE CITY WEARING?

Pep explains to Nolito that he has to wear the strip.

City decided to wear their third kit v Barça

The answer, their third Champions league kit. A strip of pure orange and purple hell, designed by someone intending to inflict ocular pain on football fans across the planet. And who succeeded.

And as is the way in these hyper-connected times, the Internet didn't take long to point and laugh...

And we admit we too got involved...

Though some were maybe a bit TOO cruel...