Bottle-gate fan: "It was an error but Neymar was taunting us"

"Even though the bottle was practically empty, five of them went down pretending they'd been hit by it," said Valencia fan at the centre of controversy.

Bottle-gate fan: "It was an error but Neymar was taunting us"
Alberto Iranzo DIARIO AS

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The young Valencia fan who threw a bottle at Barcelona players as they celebrated a goal in Mestalla, has issued a statement via Valencia Radio to give his side of the story. Although the 17-year-old, who has been identified by the club, admitted he had made a mistake he claimed that Neymar had acted provocatively towards the stands.

The boy’s father met Valencia’s head of security at Mestalla on Tuesday morning to express his son’s remorse and to await the decision of the club over what punishment to mete out.

"I love Valencia ahead of everything else"

“As soon as I threw the bottle I knew I had made a terrible mistake. But Neymar has been insulting us and provoking the Valencia fans who had been cheering their side to the last breath. A bottle, which despite being practically empty, was enough for not one but up to five players to go down pretending they’d been hit by it. But the thing that hurts the most is that I love Valencia ahead of everything else and I know that my actions do not represent the amazing Valencia supporters, and much less our values. I would like to ask forgiveness of Barcelona and, above all, my lifelong club,” the statement read.