Cerezo hits back at Athletic's brand claims: "We've nothing to hide"

The president of Atlético Madrid responded to accusations made by Athletic Bilbao's chief executive, Javier Aldazabal, that Atleti stole their "name, colours and badge".

Cerezo hits back at Athletic's brand claims: "We've nothing to hide"

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has hit back at Athletic Bilbao’s claims that his club appropriated the Basque side’s “colours, name and badge”.

"We've done nothing to repent about" 

Responding to the accusation made by Athletic’s chief executive Javier Aldazabal on Tuesday, Cerezo told Onda Cero that “we haven’t usurped, nor bought anything. Nor have we done anything to repent about. We are very proud of our club and we’ve got nothing to hide.” 

Shared history 

Athletic Bilbao’s claims are rooted in the shared history of the two clubs. While the Basque entity was established in 1898, five years later three Basque students living in Madrid formed a youth branch of their childhood team (Athletic Bilbao) which soon morphed in Atletico Madrid.

Over 100 years later, however, some factions of Athletic are still evidently bitter about how their cousins in Madrid took on a similar name, badge and the distinctive red and white stripes.

Cerezo: "No motive for controversy" 

“I don’t think that should be a motive for controversy or argument,” said Cerezo. “On our pitch we sing Atleti, not Athletic. Those magnificent Basque students came here, it evolved and there’s been 113 years of history. I don’t want that to be tainted.”