Busquets, Roberto could have been Real Madrid players

Ex-Real scout Manolo Romero has told Ràdio Barcelona he almost helped the Bernabéu outfit sign the Barça duo in their youth days.

Busquets, Roberto could have been Real Madrid players
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A former Real Madrid scout has revealed that Barcelona academy graduates Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto could have ended up at Los Blancos.

Busquets has been a key cog in the Barça midfield for almost a decade.

Manolo Romero parted company with Barça's arch rivals this week after spending 25 years working for the capital club as a talent-spotter in Catalonia.

"Madrid invited Busquets for a trial, but..."

And speaking to Ràdio Barcelona's Què t’hi jugues , he recalled Real's interest in snapping up the pair - now Blaugrana first-team fixtures - as youth players.

Roberto (left) has been LaLiga's top supplier of assists so far this season.

"Madrid invited Busquets for a trial, but Barça reacted and signed him without one," he said of the midfielder, who recently extended his illustrious Camp Nou stay.

Roberto to Real "was practically done"

On the versatile Roberto, who has shone at right-back since Dani Alves' departure, he explained: "When he was an under-15s player at Nàstic, I met with his parents."

"He was close to going there [Real]; it was practically done."