Cristiano says he will not rule out retiring at Sporting Lisbon

The Real Madrid star, who's said he still wants to retire at the age of 41 after signing a new deal with the club earlier this week, would not rule out the possibility of returning to his former side in the future.

Cristiano Ronaldo is having one of the best weeks of his life career right now having secured a bumper new five-year contact with Real Madrid as well as signing an enormous deal with giant sportswear manufacturer Nike.

"This won't be my last contract..." 

“This won’t be my last contact,” said the Portugeuse star during a ceremony at the Bernabéu on Monday. When he does come to the end of the deal in 2021, Cristiano will be 36. And as he has stated on numerous occasions before, his intention is to retire when he’s 41.

With that in mind, CR7 has not ruled out finishing his career at Sporting Lisbon, the club where he started as a professional.

Cristiano Ronaldo

"God knows what the future will hold" 

“Perhaps, after reaching the age of 41, I will put a little leg in at Sporting,” Ronaldo told the Portuguese media on Wednesday as he prepared to face Latvia with his national side.

“In three of four years I don’t know what will happen,” he added, referring to his more immediate future. “I’ve just renewed at Madrid and I’m happy, but in a few years, God knows what the future will hold.”

"He could finish at Sporting" - Carvalho 

Sporting Lisbon president Bruno de Carvalho, however, says he expects Ronaldo to return to his old club.

“Cristiano is going to play many more years and I understand that he says he wants to finish his career at Madrid. But I don’t believe it. He wants to play until he’s 41 or 43, and the way he looks after himself, he going to reach it at a good level. Let’s see what happens then but I think he could finish playing at Sporting,” Carvalho told Record.