Serena Williams swaps tennis for social media number one

The American player, who recently lost the WTA Finals in Singapour as well as the women's top spot, is winning more attention online. Snapchat and Instagram, her favourites.

Serena Williams swaps tennis for social media number one

Disappointment is relative

Serena Williams has not finished the 2016 tennis season in the way that we have become accustomed to. The winning machine that she was only took two individual titles this year (plus one in doubles) and after losing the WTA Finals in Singapour, which meant she conceded her world number one place to Angelique Kerber, the American star of the game will be reflecting on a relatively poor campaign.

Serena Williams posa muy sugerente en el baño de casa, donde nos suele dejar sus mejores instantáneas.

The importance of a brand

The girl from Palm Beach though has been winning in other ways as her social media activity maintains its momentum. Her favourite sites are Snapchat and Instagram and there is a constant flow of pictures and videos keeping her fans informed about what she's up to off the court.

Serena Williams durante sus vacaciones en las Bahamas.

There's no doubting that the player that is ranked by many commentators as the greatest ever woman in the game will compete again for the top honours in 2017. And she's making sure that her personal brand remains strong.