Cristiano Ronaldo can go on until he's 41, says ex-fitness coach

Speaking in the Portuguese media, Joao Aroso said the Real Madrid forward can make good on his vow to carry on into his forties.

Cristiano Ronaldo can go on until he's 41, says ex-fitness coach

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Real Madrid and Portugal ace Cristiano Ronaldo can continue to perform beyond his thirties, says Joao Aroso, a former fitness coach with the star's national team.

CR7: "I want to play until I'm 41"

Speaking after signing a new deal with Real on Monday, Cristiano, 31, declared he's out to carry on for another ten years - and indicated he'd like that to be in Madrid.

"I want to play until I'm 41," the ex-Manchester United forward explained, adding: "This won't be my last renewal [with Real]. I want to finish here." 

Cristiano extended his Real Madrid contract until 2021 on Mondy.

And in an interview with the Portuguese publication Expresso, Aroso talked of his confidence in the player's ability to deliver into his early forties.

Cristiano "will never be a slow player"

"If he doesn't have any problems with injuries, he can definitely make it to 41," Aroso said. "I'm not saying he's different, but he has a set of special characteristics.

"Despite gradually losing pace as the years go by, he'll never be a slow player.

"Even at an older age, he'll keep on outfoxing defences with his finishing ability and his experience," Aroso concluded.