Barça praise fair play between Iniesta, Piqué and Ramos

All three, currently battling to recover from injury, took to Twitter to spur each other on ahead of El Clásico on 3 December.

Barça praise fair play between Iniesta, Piqué and Ramos

Good vibes

A far cry from the bitter exchanges between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the 2011 El Clásico, the sportsmanship displayed by players from both clubs was widely praised ahead of the first Barça-Madrid on 3 December. On Sunday, Barcelona highlighted, via their official website, the tweets exchanged between the respective club captains and Gerard Piqué, emphasising the 'friendly atmosphere' between the Spain team-mates.  

Well wishes

Chronologically, Iniesta, who injured his right knee during Barcelona's controversial victory over Valencia at the Mestalla on 22 October,  tweeted on Saturday: “Finishing the week feeling good after having worked hard...not bad!!". Ramos, who picked up an injury while playing for Spain on 10 October, replied: "So, we'll see each other in El Clasico? Hopefully we can both make it. Let's keep on working!", Piqué then piped up with: "We'll all be there. May the best [team] win."

El Clásico banter

The conversation continued as Ramos looked to have the last word: "We'll also see you there, of course. One way or another, the three points are ours," before Iniesta replied: "Thanks, Sergio. Hopefully we'll all be there, Gerard. El Clásico deserves it. The less we talk about the points, the better."