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Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic: ATP World Tour Final, 20/11/2016

Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic 6-3, 6-4, in the ATP World Tour Finals 2016 finale match at the 02 Arena, London. Sunday 20 November, to finish the year as world number one.

Tennis Britain - Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - O2 Arena, London - 20/11/16 Great Britain's Andy Murray celebrates with the Year-End No. 1 Trophy Action Images via Reuters / Paul Childs Livepic EDITORIAL USE ONLY.
Paul ChildsREUTERS

Andy Murray wins the ATP World Tour Finals 6-3, 6-4

Andy Murray reacts to winning the ATP World Tour Finals

Andy Murray spoke after winning the ATP World Tour Finals, beating Novak Djokovic in what ended up being a fairly one-sided match. 

"Obviously this is a very special day", said Andy Murray after being presented with the trophy. "We've [Djokovic and I] played Grand Slam finals, Olympics, and now great matches like this one. I've lost a lot of these, so I'm very happy to get the win today". Asked about ending the year as World Number One, Murray said he "never expected it", before going on to thank his team and his family. "They've made a lot of sacrifices for me. Thank you to them", said Murray.

Murray with the ATP World Tour Finals trophy.
Full screen
Murray with the ATP World Tour Finals trophy.GLYN KIRKAFP

The reigning Wimbledon champion also had words for his vanquished rival: "Congratulations to Novak on everything he's done this year. I talked about it in Paris, but to hold all Grand Slams at once is an incredible achievement and something I don't think we'll see for a long time".

Djokovic speaks after losing Tour Finals

"Murray is definitely world number one. He's the best in the world. He played the best tennis. I played better towards the end but it was too late. Congratulations to him and his team", said Djokovic after being presented with the runners-up trophy.

Murray wins the ATP Tour Finals

Andy Murray held onto his world number one status, beating Novak Djokovic handsomely in two sets in the World Tour finals in London (6-3, 6-4). Murray had come into the game as underdog after struggling against Raonic in the semi-final, while Djokovic had destroyed Nishikori, but it was the Scot who came out more fired up and he played some scintilliating tennis as he dominated the Serb to win comfortably.

Djokovic only truly shone for a brief spell in the second set at two breaks down, when he fought back to break Murray once. But Murray recouped and served for the title at 5-4, needing several points to take but taking a well deserved match in the end. 

Andy Murray 2-0 Novak Djokovic: as it happened

Andy Murray 2-0 Novak Djokovic: second set

Murray* (1) 6-4 (0) Djokovic

Murray opens with a first serve into the net that spins out long. Second serve is hugely swerved and in... a rally starts but Djok ends it by sending a backhand long. 15-0. ACE! 30-0!

Murray goes into the net with his next serve. His second is good though, but it's Murray with an unforced error into the net. 30-15. Murray bounces on his toes as he tries to get fired up to win this. So close to an ace! But it's just long. "No flash please", says the umpire. And after another longish rally Murray AGAIN FINDS THE NET. 30-30!

Murray up to the net... Djokovic lobs from a tame Murray effort and he's gone long! CHAMPIONSHIP AND WORLD-NUMBER-ONE POINT!

Lot of kerfuffle about flashes as the fans try and record the moment for posterity... Murray serves looking for the ace down the middle but he's wide. Second serve: Djok is unleashed, he flings his racket at the ball until he's won the point. Deuce!

Huge serve from Murray and he's got another Championship point!

Murray sends his first serve pretty poorly into the net. Lots of shouts from the crowd. "Please, please, respect the players please", says the umpire. Murray gets the second serve in, but AGAIN Djokovic throws everything at it! Saved.

Murray into the net again. Any nerves? A long baseline rally and it's Djokovic whose wrist trembles first, going wide with a forehand! Third Championship point!

Murray serves long! ANOTHER SECOND SERVE... Murray pops it in. Djokovic goes to hammer a winner AND HE'S PUT IT OUT. MURRAY WINS! MURRAY IS WORLD NUMBER ONE!

Murray (1) 5-4 (0) Djokovic*

Murray can go for it here, but Djokovic is out of the blocks first. 15-0. And then Murray returns weakly into the net. 30-0. Djok goes for a blasted backhand winner but he sends it wide down Murray's forehand side. 30-15. Murray hits the tape... and it favours the Serb! Falls just on the Scot's side. 40-15. And Djok crushes a forehand past Murray to take the game! Murray though will serve for the title and to be number one at the end of 2016! 

Murray* (1) 5-3 (0) Djokovic

Murray needs to stamp out this Djokovic revolution if he wants to have an easy time of it. But his first serve is well wide. And eventually Murray goes wide after a marathon rally. 0-15. Murray gets a let off as Djokovic nets. 15-15. And that's a BIG SERVE! Djok can only stretch to get a frame on it. 30-15. Djok again going right on the lines, but somehow Murray defends and then forces the mistake from Djokovic! 40-15. ACE... No! Long. Wait. Challenge. Good call. Long it was. Second serve. And it's a good one, Djok ends up going long. Game Murray!

Murray (1) 4-3 (0) Djokovic*

Djokovic has found some decent rhythm here. 30-0 easy doors after getting a break back. "Come on Andy" shouts Murray at himself. But Djokovic is suddenly finding the lines and playing inspired stuff. 40-0 as he boshes a drive volley Andy can't cope with. And Djok wraps it being too cute for Murray at the net. Some reaction from the Serb...

Murray* (1) 4-2 (0) Djokovic

Murray serving to move to 5-1. Whipped forehand just out down Nole's forehand side. 0-15. Murray batters three in a row down Nole's backhand line and the final one is too good for the Serb 15-15. And then Djok sends what should be an easy one long. 30-15. Oh dear, bizarre double fault out of nowhere from Murray. His third of the match. 30-30. And Djokovic's return to a second serve is right into Murray's toes at the baseline and Murray nets... BREAK POINT DJOKOVIC! 30-40. Bruising baseline rally and DJOKOVIC WINS IT! Murray goes long... One break back for Djokovic...

Murray (1) 4-1 (0) Djokovic*

Djok starts by netting an easy groundstroke. 0-15. And then 0-30 as Murray happily controls the next rally from the back until Nole makes an error. AND THAT IS A WINNER! Murray with a superb backhand passing shot as Djok comes up to the net. 0-40! Murray wastes the first one, firing into the net as Djokovic came up to try and attack. 15-40. Second serve for Djokovic... and it's tame and Murray returns well, Djok can't control and MURRAY BREAKS!

Murray* (1) 3-1 (0) Djokovic

Murray gets his ball toss all wrong, but then gets his kicked second serve in, leading to a rather tasty baseline rally, which Djokovic wins as Murray goes for a winner down the forehand court and goes wide. 0-15. Djok going for it, but his aim is still a little off, and that forehand finds the net. 15-15. Great serve out wide, wide, wide to the forehand and Djokovic does well just to get a racket on it. 30-15. What a point! Great tennis to from Djok to move Murray about and force the easy winner at the net...BUT NOLE NETS IT! What a let off! 40-15! And Murray wraps it up with his next serve.

Murray (1) 2-1 (0) *Djokovic

Review for the first point, but Djokovic's deep backhand was always out. 0-15. His next one is ok though, right in the corner to go to 15-15. Murray dobs an odd forehand well out the back. 30-15. Big serve down the middle and the return is long. 40-15. Murray finds the net. Game for the Serb. 

Murray *(1) 2-0 (0) Djokovic

Can Murray capitalise on his early break?!

Murray straight to 15-0 as Djokovic can't get control his return. And then Djokovic, trying to force his way into this, goes for an almighty backhand winner, but it's long. And his next return is wide. 40-0 for Murray. Djokovic miles out but gets the return in, but Murray just has to pop a drop shot over to take the game. He doesn't. He doesn't even get the ball to the net. 40-15. But no matter for Murray whose next serve does the job.

Murray (1) 1-0 (0) *Djokovic

More big hitting from Murray to move to 0-15, but he finds the net in the next rally. 15-15. A fine return down the line in the next rally and Murray always on top, until Djokovic sends a backhand wide. 15-30. Djok moves to the net but behind a half court ball and Murray POUNCES on that, blasting at the Serb who can't control the volley. TWO BREAK POINTS. Djokovic saves them both with solid serving.

Deuce. And goodness that's a whipped forehand winner from Murray! Djok appeals but it's right on the line. Advantage the Scot! But he sends one into the net under no pressure in the next rally to send us back to deuce. Murray screams at himself. Djok gets to advantage, but only because Murray finally puts one out, as his hitting got more and more expansive. Djok under the cosh.

Djokovic's turn to find the net. Back to deuce. Djokovic's turn to find the net. Back to deuce. Half-court from Murray inviting Djok to attack, which he does... and it goes OUT! Another break point for the world number 1. AND DJOKOVIC IS TOO TIRED... into the net he goes and MURRAY BREAKS FIRST UP IN THE SECOND! JUDY SCREAMS IN DELIGHT!

Andy Murray - Novak Djokovic: first set

Many had said Murray would likely be struggling coming into this final, having played more and having looked off the pace against Raonic, but the Scot has channelled his inner William Wallace here and is positively fizzing. He blasted Djokovic in that first set.

Murray* (0) 6-3 (0) Djokovic

Murray serving for the first set!

Murray drop shots, Djokovic makes it and then is helped by a net chord though Murray so close to a cheeky winner but it drops the wrong side. 0-15. Djokovic goes for a big one, it doesn't come off. 15-15. Like batteries of howitzers blasting away at each other with a string of booming backhands, till Murray shakes it up with some sliced forehands and Djok goes long! 30-15. Djokovic looks to attack but sends it out! TWO SET POINTS FOR MURRAY! 

WHAT A SECOND SERVE! Kicks up and Djokovic is always struggling after that... Murray converts to take the first set !

Murray (0) 5-3 (0) *Djokovic

New balls! Eighth game. "Dammit!" says Murray as he's forced to tamely lob and Djokovic puts the smash away. 15-0. But the Serb makes another unforced error in the next baseline rally, sending an easy one into the net. 15-15. Murray copies him next up, with a wide forehand finding the net. 30-15. GREAT hitting from Murray to the Djokovic backhand forces the mistake as Nole goes long. 30-30. Murray tries to mix it up on the next rally with a sliced, spinning backhand, but he goes long to give Djokovic some respite. 40-30. Spanish commentator says the "English man" is hitting it so well from out wide. Scots around the world rise up raging. Either way, Djokovic CAN'T deal with it and it's deuce. And Djokovic sends the next one into the net! Break point! And a long rally of sliced backhands sees the Scot just slightly sharper and cuter... and he BREAKS! 

Murray* (0) 4-3 (0) Djokovic

Murray cruises that game some big serving. He's still angry about that call in the last game and looks utterly fired up. Very different to the sem-final.

Murray (0) 3-3 (0) Djokovic*

Djokovic sends Murray out wide, but that's a crushing angled blow from Murray into Djok's feet and it's 0-15! But Djok moves back to 15-15. Murray sends a sliced backhand return long and Nole is back in control 30-15. A long sliced backhand rally develops until Murray gets the chance to BOOM a forehand down the line and that's 30-30 as Djokovic can't cope with it. And Murray attacks and another forehand is too big for Djokovic who finds the net! Break point! 30-40!

Second serve... Djokovoic gets it in and survives some big Murray hitting before the Scot finally sends it into the net! Deuce! Murray with a table tennis amount of spin to befuddle Djokovic and get another break point! Advantage Murray. 

But again Murray can't take advantage of the break point, sending a fairly easy one into the net.

Djokovic moves up behind this serve, Murray pulls out a WICKED backhand into his toes, but the Serb responds with a superb stop volley to win the point. Murray gets it back to deuce with a stunning return. And then Djokovic gets the advantage again as Murray mishits a forehand miles out. Djokovic controls the next point until he just has to put a smash away and instead bizarrely sends it nearly into the crowd. Deuce AGAIN.

And now it's Murray's turn to get one off the frame and send a forehand well out. Murray now points out the serve was out (replays show he was right), but umpire not interested. Advantage Djokovic. An angry Murray absolutely leathers a return that looks like a winner, but Djokovic somehow gets it back and then wins the rally! Game Djokovic!

Murray* (0) 3-2 (0) Djokovic

Skills from Murray to wrong foot Djokovic in a baseline rally. 15-0. Half-court from Murray and Novak takes full advantage, sending Murray out wide and killing his poor lob at full stretch. 15-15. What a second serve right on the line from Murray, kicks up at Djok's head and he can't control his backhand. 30-15. Murray with another good second serve that Djokovic can't control 40-15. The Scot is really going for his first serves, but the second ones haven't been too bad (since that first game). But Djokovic gets on top of that second serve and it's 40-30. BOOM! That's a big first serve! Game Murray!

Murray (0) 2-2 (0) Djokovic*

Djokovic comes into the net behind a big first serve and kills that one easily. 15-0. Murray can't return the next one anywhere near the court. 30-0. The Scot runs up to attack a second serve, but gets overexcited and fires it straight out the back. 40-0. Murray lobs and Djokovic BATTERS the smash away. Game. Another one to love for the Serb.

Murray* (0) 2-1 (0) Djokovic

Decent opening serve from the Scot and Djokovic sends his return long. 15-0. Oh! Nearly an ace, but just clipped the chord. First serve. Another booming first serve from Murray and it bends Djok's wrist back,  his attempted return flubs at his feet. Murray bish bash boshes that one, killing a half-court return and it's 40-0.

Drop shot from Djok! But Murray is there. Djok lobs back and Murray goes for the cross court winner, but finds net. 40-15. Sorry! says Murray as he gets his ball toss wrong. My goodness! Some great clean hitting from both, until Djok mishits one that's going well wide, until it clips the chord and comes back in! 40-30 all of a sudden. But Djokovic can't get back to deuce, sending a groundstroke long looking for an advantage. Game Murray!

Murray (0) 1-1 (0) *Djokovic

Djokovic moves Murray about at his pleasure to move to 15-0 as Murray wildly swings at one to try and get into the rally. Ace! 30-0. Becker doing the mannequin challenge. Impassive writ large. Murray return long and it's 40-0. Great serve! Game to love!

Murray* (0) 1-0 (0) Djokovic

Murray, in black, serves out with his first serve. Second out too. Starts with a double fault. Nerves? Third serve out too, going for the line down the centre. Finally one in! Long baseline rally develops. Nice crisp hitting from both. And Djok goes long! 15-15!

Ace! 30-15! Djok challenges but it's hit the outside of the line. Murray sends his next serve long, and then his second serve into the net. 30-30. Two double faults already. But Djokovic sends his next return long and Murray has game point at 40-30. Umpire points out that using your flash during a rally is a bad idea. 

Another bad miss from Djokovic and it's Murray's game! The Serb complains about the light coming from someone's phone. The culprit looks shocked when they appear on the big screen. 

Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: Latest news

19:15 | Djokovic takes a seat and a big drink from his toxic looking pink sports drink... we're about to go! 

19:12 | 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Years when Djokovic has won this. 

19:10 | Players warming up. Announcer reading out the players' achievements. "WORLD NUMBER ONE... ANDY MURRAY!" gets an almighty cheer from the audience. 

19:09 |  Murray calls heads and wins the toss. He'll serve first.

19:08 | Players are out, atmosphere is ramped!

19:05 | 18th meeting between these two in a final. And the fifth time this year! Djok won in Melbourne, Madrid and Paris. Murray won in Rome. Who takes it tonight?

18:59 | "Tennis final time! COME ON DJOKOVIC!!!!!!!!!!! #NUMBER1" blasts NFFCMANN

18:57 | "COME ON ANDY MURRAY!! YOU HAVE GOT THIS!" tweets iainbroown09. Someone's confident. 

18:52 | Murray is on 12,185 points coming into the final, with Djokovic on 11,780. The final is worth 500 shiny ATP points, so whoever wins this finishes the year as top dog in the tennis world. This is the first time EVER that the final of the ATP Tour Finals will decide the year-end number 1. 

18:45 | Djokovic is aiming to land his fifth consecutive title here, while Murray is going for his maiden ATP Finals win.

18:37 | 'Nole' may have the upper hand in the pair's direct head-to-head, but Murray's win over Raonic was his 77th in 2016, 12 more than Djokovic's 65.

18:21 | Earlier this month, Murray became the first Briton to take the world number one spot since computerised rankings began in 1973. Can he now be the first Brit - and only the 17th man of any nationality - to end the year on top of the pile?

18:15 | "This is what we play for. Matches like this and arenas like this," said Murray after his thrilling last-four victory over Raonic on Saturday.

18:10 | With just under an hour to go until we get underway at the O2 Arena, why not peruse our match preview below?

18:00 | The two players' semi-final experiences were rather different, of course. Murray needed over three and a half hours to get past Milos Raonic in three sets (5-7, 7-6, 7-6), while Djokovic swept past Kei Nishikori (6-1, 6-1) in just 66 minutes. 

15:48 | Djokovic might have a slight advantage in that he could be the fresher of the two - he has spent just over two and a half hours less on-court than his opponent in this last battle between the two of 2016.

13:38 | Despite that loss in the French Open final, it's been one hell of a year for Andy Murray: Wimbledon champion, Olympic gold, world number one, and he became a father of course. He recently opened up on just what a great period in his life it's been...

12:56 | The last time these two players met was back in June at the French Open Final. That one didn't end too well for Andy...

12:23 | Tonight then will decide who finishes the year as world number one. Andy Murray overtook Djokovic for the first time earlier this month to claim top-spot. Here's how he did it, but can he hold onto it? 

11:33 | Head to head: Djokovic leads the head-to-head between the two 24-10 and has triumphed in 13 of their last 15 matches, including wins in the finals of the 2016 Australian Open, Madrid Open and French Open.

10:30 | Good morning tennis fanatics (and occasional observers)! We'll be here right through the day to bring you build-up and all the latest news ahead of this evening's season finale at the O2 Arena. What an incredible game we have in store. Do make sure you read our match preview below to get you in the mood.

Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: Match preview

Andy Murray faces arch rival Novak Djokovic at the ATP World Tour Finals on Sunday with not only the prestigious title at stake, but also the honour of finishing 2016 as world-number one hanging in the balance. The winner in London will guarantee his position at the pinnacle of the rankings as the year draws to a close, meaning we really couldn’t get a better ending to an amazing 12 month of tennis. The 35th meeting between the pair will be the first time the season finale has ended with the number one spot on the line.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray replaced Djokovic as number one earlier this month after Milos Raonic’s surprise withdrawal through injury from their Paris Masters semi-final – a tournament that Murray would go on to win.

That sweet moment in the French capital was the culmination of an unbeaten run of 18 matches which saw the Scot claim titles in Beijing, Shanghai and Vienna and eat into a ranking-points difference held by Djokovic that at one point in the year seemed almost unassailable.

This week at the ATP Finals, Murray has continued his winning streak to 23 matches despite not showing the kind of form we’ve become used to seeing over the last two months. While he saw off Marin Cilic and world number three Stan Wawrinka in solid yet unspectacular displays in the round robin, Murray had a titanic struggle against Kei Nishikori, eventually winning in three sets after three hours and 20 minutes on court. Then in a gripping semi-final on Saturday, Murray finally found a way past Raonic in a three hour, 38 minute battle to reach his first season-ending final.

His passage into the final, however, may well have taken its toll. Murray has spent a total of nine hours and 54 minutes on court during his four matches this week, compared to six hours and 31 minutes for Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic

The two have not met since June's French Open final, where Djokovic beat Murray for the 13th time in 15 matches. Since then, Murray has been by far the better player. However, this is Novak Djokovic remember, a player who – up until Murray’s surge this season – has been almost unrivalled as the world’s best player over the last three years or so.

If Murray has been the dominant force on tour in the last six months, Djokovic has been utterly authoritarian at the O2 Arena for a number of seasons now. The Serb’s 66-minute semi-final victory over Nishikori made it 22 wins in 23 matches at the ATP Tour Finals, and he is now aiming for a fifth consecutive title in London and sixth all together (which would equal Roger Federer's record).

After beating Murray at Roland Garros, ‘Djoko’ suffered a dip, but he now seems like he’s recapturing his best. He leads the head-to-head between the two 24-10 and has triumphed in 13 of their last 15 matches, including wins in the finals of the 2016 Australian Open, Madrid Open and French Open. Can Djokovic capitalise on this apparent psychological advantage once again or has the tide finally turned in favour of new world number one, Andy Murray?

Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: Live build-up

New balls! Eighth game. "Dammit!" says Murray as he's forced to tamely lob and Djokovic puts the smash away. 15-0. But the Serb makes another unforced error in the next baseline rally, sending an easy one into the net. 15-15. Murray copies him next up, with a wide forehand finding the net. 30-15. GREAT hitting from Murray to the Djokovic backhand forces the mistake as Nole goes long. 30-30. Murray tries to mix it up on the next rally with a sliced, spinning backhand, but he goes long to give Djokovic some respite. 40-30. Spanish commentator says the "English man" is hitting it so well from out wide. Scots around the world rise up raging. Either way, Djokovic CAN'T deal with it and it's deuce. And Djokovic sends the next one into the net! Break point! 


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