Atlético's Griezmann speaks with L'Equipe: "Beckham is my idol"

The French striker spoke about the importance of hard work and attitude to succeeding as well as confessing to a few elements from his personal life.

El delantero francés del Atlético de Madrid Antoine Griezmann durante un entrenamiento.

"Although it's not obvious, I'm quite quick tempered", confirmed Antoine Griezmann, the Atlético Madrid and France star during an interview with French magazine L'Equipe.

Hard work and attitude is needed

The French striker says he hates lack of desire, and makes it clear that his character is forged by the teachings of, among others, Uruguayan Martín Lasarte at Real Sociedad and the Argentine Diego Simeone who manages his current team.

Lasarte "helped me a lot to grow," says the player. "At Atlético I see weak youngsters arrive. They don't seem like they want to train. This annoys me. Some believe that they have already achieved everything when they arrive."

Griezmann scores against PSV in the Champions League.

Griezmann scores against PSV in the Champions League.

The player claims to be a homely and calm person and admits that off-field professional commitments can sometimes be draining.

"When you play important games every three days, you really want to rest. Especially when you lose. The other day I had a five-hour session for Gillette, three hours for Beats..." said Griezmann, who despite all this says that he always tries "to be in a good mood".

Confessions of a star footballer

Griezmann admitted to some other elements of his private life. He has a great friendship with Uruguayan player Carlos Bueno, who he played with at La Real, his passion for collecting other footballers' shirts or those of NBA stars, and his fondness for terrace songs of the fans.

"I love them, wherever they are. I often go onto Youtube to listen to them. (...) At home, I can't stop singing them. Sometimes I sing my daughter, Mia, to sleep with the Atlético fans' song "Olé Olé Cholo Simeone".

"Cholo" Simeone

"Cholo" Simeone, the subject of at least one child's lullaby.

One other confession from the 25-year old Ballon d'Or contender is that ex-Real Madrid gallactico David Beckham has been, and continues to be, his idol.