Spanish tax authorities will investigate Cristiano Ronaldo

The Spanish Secretary of State for the Treasury confirmed that the tax authorities will carry out those investigations into Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo they consider opportune. New Zealand-Portugal live

José Enrique Fernández de Moya, secretario de Estado de Hacienda, habla tras la noticia del posible desvío de 150 millones por parte de Cristiano Ronaldo.
José Manuel Pedrosa EFE

Der Spiegel revelations on Ronaldo's offshore wealth

After yesterday's revelation published by Der Spiegel that Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronado may have evaded tax and hidden up to 150 million euros arising from his image rights contracts in offshore companies, the Spanish Secretary of State for the Treasury, speaking to Spanish radio station COPE confirmed that "the Tax Authorities will carry out those investigations they deem opportune". 

Der Spiegel has accused Ronaldo of holding vast sums in offshore companies.

Cristiano will be treated like any other citizen

The Secretary of State, José Enrique Fernández de Moya, was categorical in saying that the Tax Authorities would have no hesitation in investigating the Real Madrid striker as if he were any other citizen: "The Tax Authorities in Spain are... incredibly professional and, as it has to be, they will carry out those investigations they consider opportune, as they do with... each and every Spaniard, in compliance with the obligations they have in these fiscal matters", he said. 

Ronaldo in action in El Clásico

New information about Ronaldo revealed by the press

The Secretary of State said that the new information about Cristiano Ronaldo held by the Treasury and the Tax Authorities was "revealed yesterday", that is it was obtained from the press.