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Accidental button push caused Cristiano goal confusion, admits FIFA

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has revealed that the mix up with the new Video Assistant Referee technology during Real Madrid's Club World Cup game on Wednesday was caused by a stray hand.
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Accidental button push caused Cristiano goal confusion, admits FIFA
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FIFA president Gianni Infantino has finally shed some light on why the newly-introduced and so far much-criticised Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology caused so much confusion following Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Club America in the Club World Cup semifinal on Wednesday.

Video technology mix up 

Club America and Real Madrid players were left confused as the referee looked undecided on whether to consult the video technology or not.

Infantino, appearing alongside Massimo Bussaca (FIFA’s chief of referees) at a press conference on Saturday morning, explained that the cause for the kerfuffle was down to an accidentally pressed button which opened the VAR microphone with referee Enrique Caceres.

Caceres, who initially awarded the goal, assumed on hearing his colleagues at the end of the line that the goal had been flagged by the VAR for offside, causing him to briefly disallow it and spark a period of puzzlement between players and spectators.

Quizzical looks 

However, after some quizzical looks and a couple of waved arms the ref decided to stroll back to the centre circle and place the ball on the spot, confirming the goal had been given.
Replays showed was it was ultimately the correct decision, vindicating the referee, but the mess had already been made, leading Luka Modric’s to blast after the game, “I don’t like, it’s not football.”