James Rodríguez facing further time out with separate calf injury - report

Spanish broadcaster Radio Caracol made the claim on Tuesday as the Colombian failed again to turn up to Real Madrid training, despite being expected back by Zidane at the start of the week.

James se ha vuelto a lesionar en el sóleo, pero ahora es el de la otra pierna.
Javier Barbancho Reuters

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James Rodríguez did not appear at Real Madrid’s training ground once again on Tuesday after coach Zinedine Zidane had assured last Friday that the Colombian would be back at Valdebedas for the start of sessions this week.

Now it seems we know the reason behind his extended absence: he’s picked up another injury. That is according to Spanish broadcaster, Radio Caracol.

Further three weeks out 

The midfielder has already spent two weeks on the sidelines with a calf strain in his right leg, and now has a separate problem in his left calf muscle, reports the station.

This new injury will now rule out Rodríguez for a further three weeks, Radio Caracol affirms, although there is not yet any official comment from the club on the claim.