Neymar takes to Instagram after disallowed goal: “Hahahahahaha”

The Brazilian posted pictures to his social media accounts after the referee did not allow a clear goal and also refused to give him a penalty in the build-up.

Esta es la imagen que subió a su cuenta de Instagram Neymar.

Atlético-Barcelona Live

Neymar logged onto Instagram before he had the chance to cool down after the Real Betis. The two videos show a penalty claim that was turned down and just second later when the ball clearly crossed the line only for the referee to wave it away when Mandi was ajudged to have cleared it. 

Barcelona eventually did get on the scoresheet in the 90th minute when Mandi coughed up the ball and Messi played the ball through to Suárez for the finish. It was too little too late as Luis Enrique's side as they missed the chance to overtake Real Madrid, who play Real Sociedad in Madrid on Sunday night.

Neymar takes to Instagram after Barcelona draw with Real Betis.

Neymar takes to Instagram after Barcelona draw with Real Betis.

Instagram comments

Neymar added a caption to the videos to ensure everyone knew what he was talking about, The Brazilian typed, “Hahahahahaha”, and also said it had to be a penalty. It remains to be seen whether LaLiga officials saw the offending videos and whether they take disciplinary action about the Barcelona attacker.