Super Bowl LI

New England Patriots 34-28 Atlanta Falcons: Overtime win for Brady, Belichick and Pats

Follow live minute-by-minute coverage of the Super Bowl LI NFL Playoff between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots at the NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas (18:30 East West Coast)

Feb 5, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) and Tom Brady (12) celebrate after winning Super Bowl LI
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New England Patriots 34 - 28 Atlanta Falcons: game over

The New England Patriots stormed back from a 25-point deficit to win their fifth Super Bowl with a stunning 34-28 overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in the National Football League's championship game.

The Patriots, who seemed to have nothing go their way all night, came alive with a 19-point fourth quarter to force overtime where they put the finishing touches on their record comeback when James White scored on a two-yard run.

With the win, Tom Brady becomes the first quarterback to win five Super Bowl championships and, at 39, the second oldest at his position to win the NFL's biggest prize.

New England Patriots 34 - 28 Atlanta Falcons: overtime

WHITE! TOUCHDOWN! He fights to get into the endzone and it is all over!

1st and 10 | He goes to Bennett again but Beasley has him covered. 

1st and 10 | Bennett in the endzone and he gets his hands to it but can't hold! Defensive pass interference and the Patriots are so close to the win!

1st and 10 | White again and he manages a first down. 

2nd and 13 | Edelman catches a Brady laser beam for 15 yards.

1st and 10 | Brady goes short to White. He loses three yards.

1st and 10 | Hogan catches is in and manages another first down. Falcons are in real trouble.

2nd and 4 | Danny Amendola with the catch and he has a first down.

1st and 10 | White with the catch and he makes it just around the corner for six yards.

Patriots will receive the ball! This is incredible. Dan Quinn needs to make a stop.

New England Patriots 28 - 28 Atlanta Falcons: Fourth quarter

1st and 10 | Dion Lewis rushes and makes some headway but he seems to have really hurt his knee and goes out of bounds.

4th and 10 | PUNT!

3rd and 10 | Ryan dodged the rush and looks down the sideline. Pass is incomplete.

2nd and 10 | Ryan spikes the ball.

1st and 10 | Ryan hits hooper for four!

1st and 10 | Ryan to Sanu for 12 yards. We have a first down. But just 18 seconds remaining.

2nd and goal | White gets the touchdown. We need a two-point conversion to give us a tie game. Amendola is in. But we have a flag. Offside against the defense and it is 28-28! 

1st and goal | White again. Just one yard to go.

1st and 10 | Brady hits White and he jinks his way into a 1st and goal situation.

*******TWO MINUTE DRILL*******

1st and 10 | ruling on the field stands! Amendola has it inside the Falcons' 25. What a gem this has turned into! 2 minute warning...

1st and 10 | Edelman with the circus catch! It looked like it dropped but it clearly didn't based on the replay! What a play by Edelman to keep up with that play and keep fighting. It is being challenged by Dan Quinn.

2nd and 10 | Mitchell catches it after slipping, falling, and getting back to his feet. That's another first down.

1st and 10 | Brady throws across the middle and into traffic. It gets batted down and almost intercepted. So close. 

1st and 10 | Hogan hauls in the catch and it is a first down.

2nd and 10 | Brady goes long down the right hand side of the field for hogan but he can't get close enough to it.

1st and 10 | Brady, almost sacked and he throws it incomplete, but not before he can give us a heartache! He nearly gets intercepted.

4th and 33 | PUNT and the Patriots take over.

3rd and 33 | Gabriel is Ryan's target and he can't connect. He is actually miles off! Patriots have a shot.

3rd and 23 | Falcons hold! They are set back another 10 yards.  

2nd and 11 | Ryan sacked out of field goal range! Oh he could have thrown it away. No way the Patriots score twice in just over three minutes but they now have a 3rd AND 23!

1st and 10 | Freeman rushes around the edge, or at least tries to, and is besieged by a number of Patriots players. 

2nd and 9 | WHAT A CATCH! That is the play of the game. Matt Ryan is the MVP, more likely, but Julio Jones just made an outrageous catch. My word and that is a first down. Just over four minutes remaining.

1st and 10 | No gain!

1st and 10 | Ryan hits Freeman on a play-action pass and they have a first down and plenty more.

Never write Bill Belichick off, I think mght be the moral of this story. 

2nd and 3 | Amendola again, his 6th reception is a touchdown! GAME ON! Two point conversion is good and it is now just a one score game.

1st and 10 | Amendola for seven as the Patriots close in on the Falcons' end zone.

3rd and 11 | Brady gets another first down. White yet again.

2nd and 15 | Brady to White for four.

1st and 10 | Brady, 16 points down, has the chance to make this a tighter game. He is sacked on first down.

3rd and 2 | Matt Ryan is stripped as he is sacked and the Patriots have it.

2nd and 2 | No gain! 

1st and 10 | To stave off a Patriots comeback, the Falcons need a score here. Score here and it could very well be as good as over. Coleman rushes for eight -that will help!

3rd and goal | Jarrett with his third sack of the game! And Gotskowski kicks the field goal.

2nd and goal | Brady to White for a short gain.

1st and 10 | Brady sacked for a loss of five yards.

3rd and 1 | Bennett and it's a long one. 1st down

2nd and 1 | No gain.

1st and 10 | Brady to white for nine.

2nd and 10 | Mitchell with his 4th for 47 yards and he has 18 on the last one. 

1st and 10 | Brady incomplete to Edelman.

2nd and 3 | White rushes for the first down.

1st and 10 | Mitchell again for seven. 

1st and 10 | Brady with the throw to Mitchell for 15 yards as he slides along the ground.

End of the third quarter: Patriots will get the ball back to start the final quarter. The Patriots seemed to pick up a little bit there and the Falcons slowed up slightly? They are still in control but anothe rPatriots touchdown might change the complexion of this game.

4th and 25 | PUNT!

3rd and 11 | Ryan sacked and the Patriots have a chance! 

2nd and 11 | Hooper catches (or so it looks like) but it is stripped from him. It is ruled an incompletion.

2nd and 1 | Holding call as Coleman rushed for -1. Falcons going back to 2nd and 11.

1st and 10 | Ryan to Hooper for nine and he continues to make completions.

Patriots try and onside kick but the Falcons recover it.

3rd down | TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS! White catches and turns upfield before getting into the endzone.

2nd and 6 | Blount with nine that time. That is his longest of the day.

1st and 10 | Four yards that time for the Patriots with Blount carrying the ball. 

3rd and 10 | Brady takes off himself and gets the first down.

2nd and 10 | Brady misses badly on that one.

1nd and 10 | Brady to Amendola again and he gets two. Bmady looking frustrated.

4th and 3 | Amendola get the first down as Brady, Belichick and the Patriots get desperate. It worked this time.

3rd and 3 | Patriots try a trick play as Brady throw to Edelman, who launches it to Lewis down the field. He gets a hand to it but can't haul it in.

2nd and 8 | Dion Lewis tries to cut back but can't as the Falcons swarm him. No chance.

1st and 10 | White gets eight yards on the ground.

2nd and 8 | Brady finds White for the first down. Chipping away at the field but they need some big plays and soon.

1st and 10 | Brady back under center and he he lands a short pass to Lewis for two.

1st and 10 | Ryan with the touchdown to Coleman. Ryan, the MVP, proving his credentials here with one of the best Super Bowl performances we have seen. This is turning into a rout!

3rd and 13 | Ryan can't connect with Gabriel but there is defensive interference. Autmoatic first down and the Patriots reeling.

2nd and 10 | Freeman loses three.

1st and 10 | Coleman with a gain of nine.

2nd and 10 | Sanu with the catch. The Patriots not giving up any massive plays down the field but the Falcons are tearing them up on thos intermediate routes. Down inside the Patriots 10 now.

1st and 10 | Coleman for no gain on the player. 

2nd and 10 | Gabriel shakes Butler out of his boots. He has the catch for the first down.

1st and 10 | Gabriel with a longish catch down the left. Ryan leading the way in MVP talk for the second time in two days!

4th down | Punt for the Patriots as they stutter once again.

3rd and 12 | Brady calls a time-out as he tries to suss out this Falcons defense. They are playing with so much speed that I'm not entirely sure it matters what the Partiots do. Edelmann running across the middle drops it - really poor execution.

2nd and 10 | Nada! Coleman gets nothing on the ground and the Patriots have an important third down.

1st and 10 | Brady found Hogan but he can't hold on. That one was on the WR as it hit off his hands.

Quite an important three and out that the Falcons forced from the Patriots there. If Brady gets the Pats on the scoreboard now, expect some nerves on the Falcons sideline. Have we mentioned that this isn't their first Super Bowl?

4th down | Punt by the Falcons. Here comes Tommy B!

3rd and 6 | Ryan hits his intended target and it hits Gabriel between the numbers but he can't hold onto it.

2nd and 13 | Freeman again for a rish worth seven this time. 

1st and 10 | Devonta Freeman with a rush on first down for -3 yards! 

New England Patriots 3 - 21 Atlanta Falcons: second quarter

HALF TIME! Patriots shell-shocked. Falcons on cloud nine. The only thing is that Bill Belichick is the only coach in the world who could probably change this.

3rd and 10 | Bennett with the catch but he can't get anywhere. Just three seconds left and Gostkowski is ready to kick the field goal. GOOD! Patriots are on the board.

2nd and 10 | James White is really the only one giving the Patriots a chance right now. He rushed for a handful and gets pushed out of bounds but there was offensive holding.

1st and 10 | Edelmann has his hands on it, but drops it on the way down. 

3rd and 2 | White, yet again, with the catch, and it is first down. They HAVE to get on the scoreboard now.

2nd and 2 | Nope, Brady way off the mark. and it is 3rd down. 

1st and 10 | Hogan with the catch for 8 yards.

2nd and 10 | James White with 28 yards on the catch.

1st and 10 | Brady overthrows Edelmann. Clock stops but the Patriots aren't moving anywhere and are still a fair skip away from even field goal left. 1.37 remains on the clock.

2nd and 7 | Bennett with the catch and run. 1st down!

1st and 10 | White for three yards. We are at the 2 minutes warning now. Patriots could do with a score now (I guess that goes without saying though).

3rd and 6 | Picked off by Alford and returned for a touchdown. Brady is struggling massively! 

2nd and 6 | No gain for Lewis.

1st and 10 | Lewis for four. 

2nd and 10 | Brady goes across the middle to Bennett. Picks up a first down..

1st and 10 | Blount again. Same result. No gain.

3rd and 9 | Brady under serious pressure, throws it to the ground but ANOTHER defensive hold. This is sloppy from the Falcons. 

2nd and 9 | Lewis the target for Brady again but it is nearly picked off. The Patriots are driving but this is not a concise and planned drive. They are getting luck with some defensive holds.

1st and 10 | 1 yard rush by Blount.

3rd and 3 | Brady lobs it, Falcons hold. First down - automatic. 

2nd and 10 | Brady flicks the ball to White, who rushes for seven. he gets his heels clipps and if he didn't, he might have had plenty of open space ahead of him. 

1st and 10 | Blount is back in the mix. He rushes for no gain.

3rd and 10 | Brady finds White for eight but we have a flag....holding on the defensive side of the ball. Automatic first fown. If the Patriots can't get a first down, the Falcons will give them to them!

2nd and 10 | Brady goes across the middle again but too many Falcons whizzing around there to connect.

1st and 10 | Brady, looked to be throwiung that one away, but it was in the vicinty of Edelmann. Miscommunication?

1st and 10 | Martellus Bennett with a catch for the first down. That's a start.

Okay, I know I said Brady needed to respond last time. But he really, really needs to respond now. Ryan has found his groove and another score before HT makes it very difficult for the Patriots.

2nd and 9 | Ryan goes straight back to Hooper on the other side and finds him in the endzone. Defensive pass interference but the Falcons turn it down.

2nd and 9 | Incomplete to Hooper.

1st and 10 | Coleman can only get one yard.

1st and 10 | Julio Jones with a catch on the sideline. Incredible awareness to kepe his feet in. The Falcons are moving.

1st and 10 | Matty Ice is heating up. He finds Gabriel for a first down.

4th down | PUNT!

3rd and 7 | White is brought down by Goodwin and that is a three and out for Brady and crew. 

2nd and 10 | Dion Lewis is in instead of Blount and he rushes for three.

1st and 10 | Tom B needs to respond. Mitchell can't make the catch on the right. 

2nd and 1 | FREEMAN TOUCHDOWN! He skips around to the left and has the whole field to himself. First score of the game is a rush. And the extra point is good!

It will be interesting to see what Belichick does with Blount. He is famously anti-turnovers! If the Falcons score here, he'll be infuriated.

1st and 10 | Freeman again. No first down but nine, which is close enough! They are just a few yards out now and closing in on the first score of the game.

1st and 10 | Third first down on the trot an Freeman rushes for another one. 

1st and 10 | Julio Jones again and he makes a catch on the sideline. 

1st and 10 | As Belichick scribbles in his notes, Brady fumes on the bench while Matt Ryan takes to the field. Julio Jones for 19 yards.

1st and 10 | Blount tries to make his way through the Falcons offensive line and FUMBLES. The Falcons recover and we have a flag but that is going against the Patriots. 

3rd and 1 | Carrying on from the first quarter, the Patriots flips ends. Brady drops one over the Falcons' defense and finds Edelmann for 27 yards.

First quarter chat: That was disappointing. The Atlanta Falcons have been unable to find Julio Jones, but their defense is preventing Brady from getting anything going either and the fact that they have two sacks shows that they can get to the Patriots QB. Matt Ryan had just 12 yards passing on two attempts in that quarter.


New England Patriots 0-0 Atlanta Falcons: first quarter

2nd and 3 | Blount straight up the middle for just two yards.

1st and 10 | Blount has to work hard for seven yards.

1st and 10 | Brady comes out slingin' and finds Edelmann for 13 

4th down | PUNT! 

3rd and 3 | Ryan sacked! He was looking for Jones, maybe, but they have him well-manned. Ryan falls to the ground to save himself from taking a pasting.

2nd and 8 | Coleman takes a pitch from Ryan and rushed for five. He could not make it around the corner. Even if he did, the Patriots had cover. 

1st and 10 | Freeman with two yards on the ground.

2nd and 1 | DiMarco for 10 yards and the Falcons have the chains moving.

1st and 10 | Coleman drops the shoulder and lowers the boom for nine yards.

4th down | PUNT! Longest drive of the game but the fruits of Brady's labours are nil.

3rd and 19 | Brady sacked again.

2nd and 19 | Brady looks for White but the WR can't hold on.

1st and 10 | Upshaw sack Brady for a loss of eight yards.

3rd and 1 | James White gets 11 on the ground and another first down.

2nd and 8 | Brady slinging the ball around and finds Mitchell for seven.

1st and 10 | Blount picks up just two yards on the ground as the Falcons surround him.

1st and 10 | Not is it Hogan's turn. He keeps the chains moving with a 15 yard grab.

2nd and 8 | Amendola picks up a first down and more.

1st and 10 | Patriots with the end around to Edelmann and a possible late hit out of bounds that is not called. Just two yards.

4th down | PUNT! Brady time.

3rd and 4 | Ryan drops back but is sacked and that will bring up fourth down. Nonkovic thought he was away and into the endzone but Ryan was down by contact.

2nd and 7 | A three yard catch by Hogan on the right as the clock runs.

1st and 10 | Freeman against and he rushed for three.

1st and 10 | Ryan hands off to Freeman and he skips past a few challenges before making it 36 yards down the field. Could have broken that one open but is caught! Not the worst first touch in the Super Bowl.

4th down | PUNT! Falcons take over.

3rd and 1 | Blount takes a hanf-off to the right but he is stopped before the line and Patriots will have to punt.

2nd and 10 | Brady goes straight back to Edelmann and he makes no mistake this time. He gets nine yards.

1st and 10 | Brady goes across the middle to Edelmann and he can't hold onto it.

Kic-off! We have lift-off..or kick-off, and it is a touchback. Brady is out and ready for action.

New England Patriots - Atlanta Falcons: latest news

00:33 | Carl Cheffers, the referee, has handed George W (the original) the coin and he flips a tails. The Patriots will receive the ball and Matt Bosher for the Falcons will kick-off.

00:32 | George Bush and Barbara Bush being presented to the crowd now in Houston. 

00:27 | The cast of Hamilton sang America the Brave just prior to Bryan's pitch-perfect rendition of the national anthem. I am not America but that was lovely. AS far as National Anthems goes, The US' gets a solid 9 out of ten.

00:24 | Luke Bryan gearing up to sing the national anthem. A Georgia native singing the Star-spangled Banner. You could hear a pin drop in the NRG Stadium.

00:22 | Interesting to observe the two coaches before the game. Belichick looks his usual calm and collected self while Dan Quinn is slightly fidgety and walking around as the adrenaline fires.

00:16 | This is set to be an explosive game on the offensive side of the football but the running games are KEY to everything both sides do. LaGarrette Blount ran for 1,161 and Devonta Freeman is behind him in 9th with 1,079 yards on the ground. Freeman had a higher average but both will be key tonight.

00:10 | Here is what Ourlads said about Vic Beasley coming out of college. "His game is based purely on speed, quickness, and hustle."

00:09 | In the last three years, we have had two linebackers as the Super Bowl MVP. Is Vic Beasley going to make it three in four years? He really could. 

00:07 | Devonte Freeman is the only player to have over 1,000 yards rushing and 50+ catches in the last two years..Will he be the key to opening up the passing game for Matt Ryan tonight?

23:55 | Some guy paid $2,500 for an obstructed view of the Super Bowl.....and YOU call yourself a fan.

23:40 | $107,000 is how much the winners of Super Bowl LI will take home. That is according to this tweet by Andrew Siciliano.

22:55 | The roof will be closed for the Super Bowl as thunderstorms threaten to dampen the mood and the NFL are not willing to take the chance. There was supposed to be just a 25% chance of rain in Houston but with the threat of thunderstorms, Eric Finkelstein, the NFL's director of events has decided to close the roof. It will certainly help 

22:36 | The Georgia Aquarium posted this really cool hype video to support their Atlanta Falcons. 

21:52 | Alex Mack, the Atlanta Falcons' centre has suffered a fracture dfibula recently but will play against the Patriots and does not expect limitations. Wow!

21:42 | Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, Kenny Easley, Jason Taylor, Morten Andersen and LaDanian Tomlinson were inducted into the Hall of Fame last night too. Warner's name in there might be a good omen for Ryan's tilt at the Super Bowl MVP.

21:34 | Matt Ryan picked up the MVP award last night but that does not necessarily mean Super Bowl success. The last QB to be named MVP and and win the Super Bowl MVP was Kurt Warner in 1999.

18:45 | Just under six hours to go - plenty of time for a cheeky shufties at our match preview below...

17:55Tom Brady has been the talk of the town in the lead-up to this game, and four-time Super Bowl champion Adam Vinatieri believes the Patriots quarterback could play for another 10 years.

16:30 | As the clock ticks down, find out what the fans of both teams think

14:55 | Check out some of the most iconic ads to appear at half-time of the Super Bowl - from Pepsi to Budweiser via Cindy Crawford, horses and puppies. 

13:35 | Pop star and known Donald Trump critic Lady Gaga has promised that she'll offer a message of inclusion in her highly-anticipated half-time performance.

12:30 | Patriots coach Bill Belichick has said he hasn't though about retiring if New England win their 7th Super Bowl on Sunday night.  

11:50 | Start your day off with a laugh. The NFL Bad Lip Reading videos have gained notoriety for their hilariousness in recent years, and the latest edition (released last week) certainly doesn't disappoint! 

11:00 | Good morning! Stay right where you are for all the latest news and live buildup ahead of this evening's Super Bowl LI NFL Playoff between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots!

New England Patriots - Atlanta Falcons: Super Bowl LI Preview

The NFL reaches its peak at the NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday evening. Atlanta Falcons, the best attack in the NFL, face the New England Patriots, the greatest dynasty of American sport in the 21st century. Matt Ryan against Tom Brady, Julio Jones against Julian Edelamn, Bill Belichick against Dan Quinn….it’s a clash of the titans in what is sure to be a battle of epic proportions.

New England Patriots

This will be the Patriots' – and star quarterback Tom Brady’s – seventh title game since 2002, with the team having won four championships in those years. Brady himself will have the chance to make history on Sunday night, becoming the first quarterback in history to win five title games if the Patriot’s overcome Atlanta Falcons.

If the Patriot’s do take the crown once again, it will almost certainly be owing to their outstanding defense. Indeed they say defense wins titles, and New England’s is one of the best. Bill Bellichik’s side allowed just 15.6 points per game during the regular season, while Pittsburgh only scored 17 points against them in the AFC Championship game.

Atlanta Falcons

In a stark contrast to New England, Atlanta have never won a Super Bowl and appeared in the title game just once before. This contrast between the two teams is personified by their quarterbacks: while Brady goes for his fifth Super Bowl victory, this is Matt Ryan’s first ever opportunity to taste glory. And if the Patriot’s pride themselves on their defense, it’s very much the opposite for the Falcons. MVP Ryan led a dominant Atlanta offense this year, scoring an average of 33 points per game: the best record this season in the NFL.

It’s not all about Matt Ryan, however. In Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons have one of league’s best receivers. You only have to look at Jones’ stats from the Playoff against Green Bay Packers (12 receptions for 180 yards and two touchdowns) to know that the Patriot’s will have to bring their defensive A game to stop this all-firing Falcons outfit.

New England Patriots - Atlanta Falcons: live buildup