Real Madrid reacted childishly in Celta postponement saga

Real Madrid reacted childishly in Celta postponement saga

A new date is needed for Celta-Madrid. So tight is the schedule that unless either fall out of Europe sooner than is desirable, they will only have one more Wednesday to play it: between the penultimate and the last day. It would be a strange day if so, both for the lateness of it, and because during these last fixtures special care is taken to ensure that all games are played at the same time in order to avoid pacts of convenience. But that’s where we are because the calendar is full. There are 20 teams in LaLiga, instead of 18 as recommended by UEFA, we play the domestic cup in two-legged ties, and there is the winter break at Christmas. And, fortunately, many of Spain’s side are still in Europe, amongst them Celta and Madrid.

The damaged roof at Balaidos

Florentino's Madrid: a specialist at looking bad in emergencies 

So, this storm that revealed the fragility of the Balaídos stadium’s roofing put us in a problem, to which Madrid has reacted childishly. The club recognised that with the postponement, the opportunity to play against a weakened Celta disappeared and so tried to save the game with unrealistic solutions. Florentino’s Madrid has become a specialist in looking bad in these emergency situations. It happened when hooligans cut the floodlight cables minutes prior to Los Blancos’ game at Rayo in 2012. It is a setback, of course, but if the mayor of Vigo says that the ground (which is municipal) cannot be opened for security reasons or fixed on time, there is nothing we can do.

Officials deemed the ground unsafe on Saturday

An entertaining saga 

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. Alavés owner Querejeta then wanted to postpone his club’s Copa del Rey semifinal 2nd leg with Celta on Wednesday because he says that the Galician team will have more rest. But, come on, Celta were going to play Madrid with nine reserve players anyway! In the end, it was a saga that kept us entertained all afternoon, until the inevitable was assumed.

No harm done 

Yes, Riazor (on Friday the Depor-Betis match was postponed without problem because neither are in Europe) and Balaídos have shown their weaknesses. It’s true that there was a storm, but no other damage has occurred. It’s not end of the world. Only the stadium’s awnings have been harmed.