Canada out as Shapovalov smashes ball into umpire's face

Davis Cup

Canada out as Shapovalov smashes ball into umpire's face

El francés Arnaud Gabas, juez de silla.

In the last match of the Canada v GB tie, an enraged Denis Shapovalov, smashed a ball which hit the chair umpire in the face. Shapovalov was disqualified. Cavaliers @ Warriors live

Shapovalov smashes ball into umpire's face

What a way to go out. In the deciding fifth and final Davis Cup match between Canada and Great Britain, Canadian Denis Shapovalov, put a ball out and reacted angrily, smashing a spare ball away across the court. 

Ball impacts directly with umpire

Unfortunately for him, it flew straight into the chair umpire's face, leaving him stunned, shocked and bruised. He would later be taken to hospital, with the ball having impacted near his eye. 

Umpire Gabas disqualifies Shapovalov

At the time chair umpire Arnaud Gabas, still clearly in pain, was left with no choice but to disqualify Shapovalov, handing the match to Kyle Edmund and the tie to Great Britain. 

Shapovalov can put his temper tantrum down to youthful inexperience: he'll be 18 in April. 

Tim Henman disqualified at Wimbledon

Back in 1995 Tim Henman, along with partner Jeremy Bates, became the first players to be disqualified from Wimbledon in the Open era, when an incensed Henman, fuming at missing a net-cord, lashed out at a ball he was holding and fired it into the ear of a ball-girl, Caroline Hall. 


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