Modric hit by missile from the stands at El Sadar

An object was launched from the stands when the Croatian midfielder joined his team mates to celebrate Isco's goal. The incident was noted by the referee.

Un objeto tirado desde la grada de El Sadar impacta en el croata Luka Modric cuando los jugadores de Zidane celebran el 1-2, obra de Isco, durante el Osasuna-Real Madrid, partido de LaLIga Santander 2016-2017.

Object thrown

An object hurled from the stands while Real Madrid players celebrated Isco's goal during last night's game at El Sadar, struck Luka Modric on the head. The Croatian was seen in pain after the impact and left the field temporarily to receive medical attention but was able to return without any problems.

Incident noted

The incident was recorded in the match notes of referee, Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva. "After the visiting team's goals on minutes 61 and 89, and while the players were celebrating in the zone near to the corner flag, various small objects were thrown from the stands, objects identifed as a number of small, compacted aluminium paper balls and a lighter. No person was harmed during the incident", the match official noted.