Luis Suárez: "To make history, we have to turn the tie around..."

The Uruguayan, closed the XII edition of 'Llibre Solidari' and spoke about Luis Enrique: "We haven't lost faith in him".

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Charity event

Luis Suárez was special guest today as the XII edition of charity book event Llibre Solidari was brought to a close in Barcelona - this year's festival was focused on raising funds to battle the PKU illness with 54,710 euros going to the cause. The striker also took a few moments to attend the media.

Luis Suárez at today's Llibre Solidari event

Worthy cause

PKU: "It makes me feel good to be able to help people understand what this illness is all about. We want to collaborate in any way we can. We shouldn't forget about this disorder and we need to find the best ways to bring in money to help those most in need. We know that Barça's image is known all over the world and we can help. There are many Foundations which need help. In Uruguay, I am also an ambassador in the battle against cancer in children. I'm a father with two children and I put myself in the place of those dads who have been affected and it changes your whole life".

Looks just like him. Luis Suárez at today's event.

Win as one, lose as one

Mood in the Barça camp: "It really hurts losing like that. It is going to be very complicated but this team has the capability to turn the situation around. No one is to blame - we win together and we lose together. We know that we didn't play a good game, and all we want now is the chance to put that right. A lot of what comes out in the newspapers isn't true. We have to accept the fact that our opponents were better than us. We'll go through ups and downs over the season and we have to find a balance, knowing that our rivals also play to win".

All of us suffered

"We haven't lost faith in the coach. We all suffer in the same way - the players, the coaching staff, the assistants... and we all have to pull together to take this forward. We need to be united and pay no attention to what is said on the outside. We have enough quality and a team which is capable of turning the tie around".

Luis Enrique in the firing line: "We should take waht others say with a pinch of salt. What we do need to do is improve - even when we win. Now the coach is being attacked and several players but we have to ignore that. The coach is old enough to know what to do. We've been with him for three years and we are happy with him".