PSV keeper Zoet bemoans Feyenoord's 'f***** up' Hawk-Eye winner


PSV keeper Zoet bemoans Feyenoord's 'f***** up' Hawk-Eye winner

PSV keeper Zoet bemoans Feyenoord's 'f***** up' Hawk-Eye winner

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Goalline technology effectively ended PSV's title hopes in controversial fashion as Jeroen Zoet endured a moment of misfortune.

Jeroen Zoet bemoaned the referee's reliance on goalline technology after Feyenoord were awarded a controversial winner in their crucial Eredivisie title clash with PSV.

PSV goalkeeper Zoet fumbled Jan-Arie van der Heijden's 82nd-minute header, but appeared to have the ball under control before picking it up, prompting referee Bas Nijhuis' watch to confirm that the ball had crossed the line.

Nijhuis awarded the goal to give Feyenoord a 2-1 lead that they did not relinquish, putting the leaders 12 points ahead of third-placed PSV, who are now effectively out of the title race. Ajax are five points behind Feyenoord.

The incident which cost PSV a goal

"Goalline technology made the difference" - PSV keeper Zoet 

"This is seriously f***** up", Zoet told NOS. "The goalline technology made the difference and things could have been different if it had not.

"He went only by his watch. If that had not happened, I think he would have said no goal.

"You should always keep believing in things, but the title is very far away. [It's] a serious blow."

Zoet added: "The only thing I thought was that I had to take away ball on the line. I did everything. What happened next, I do not know, that goes in a flash.

"We can look back at the images a thousand times. It does not change anything."




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