Twenty own goals in Russian bandy farce results in match annulment

How far would you go to avoid playing the reigning champions in a play-off? In the case of bandy side Vodnik, 11 own goals is acceptable.

Twenty own goals in Russian bandy farce results in match annulment

Own goal frenzy in Russia

The Russian Super League bandy game between Baikal-Energiya and Vodnik in Arkhangelsk on Sunday ended 11-9 to the former, with every goal being scored by a player in his own net. 

The reason for the farce? Vodnik were desperate to avoid meeting reigning champions Yenisey Krasnoyarsk, which they could do by losing the match. Their opponents, seeing their rivals scoring in their own net, decided to join in for fun, slamming their own series of own goals. 

Disciplinary action for bandy own-goalers

Having combined for an astounding 20 own goals in the two sides have been ordered to replay the fixture and face disciplinary action. The All Russian Bandy Federation said on Monday that it has annulled the match and ordered it to be replayed at a neutral venue on March 3.

The governing body will meet with team chiefs on Tuesday when sanctions will be decided.

Harsh measure for alleged bandy miscreants

Federation president Boris Skrynnik called for "very harsh measures" in an interview with Tass and suggested Vodnik initiated the bizarre turn of events in a bid to meet "a convenient team" in the upcoming play-offs.

Baikal-Energiya and Vodnik apologise to fans

Baikal-Energiya and Vodnik have since issued statements apologising to fans.

What is bandy anyway?

Bandy is a cross between field hockey and ice hockey and is played on a large rink.

Bandy players in action