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Rooney demands action against Mings after Ibrahimovic 'stamp'

Wayne Rooney said the sight of Tyrone Mings studding Zlatan Ibrahimovic's head in United's 1-1 draw with Bournemouth is "wrong in football".

Rooney demands action against Mings after Ibrahimovic 'stamp'

Rooney angry at Mings treading on Ibrahimovic

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has called for retrospective action to be taken against Tyrone Mings after the Bournemouth defender trod on Zlatan Ibrahimovic's head during the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

Rooney angry about Mings standing on Ibrahimovic's head

Mings stands on Ibrahimovic

United took a 23rd-minute lead through Marcos Rojo's maiden Premier League goal but Josh King equalised from the penalty spot against his former club.

The main flashpoint arrived shortly before half-time, when Mings flew into a tackle on Rooney and stood on Ibrahimovic's head as United's top scorer lay prone.

"I don't think the referee saw Tyrone Mings try and stamp on Zlatan's head. I was right there. It's wrong in football," Rooney told Sky Sports, after Ibrahimovic missed a second-half penalty and Jose Mourinho's side missed out on the chance to break into the top four.

Rooney: "To stamp on a player's head is wrong"

"Everyone likes to go into tackles but to try and stamp on a player's head is wrong and I'm sure there'll be action after the game."

When the ball came into the Bournemouth area moments later, Ibrahimovic struck Mings with an elbow in an act of apparent retribution. Rooney did not get a clear view of that incident, which ended in a melee and a second booking for Cherries midfielder Andrew Surman.

Rooney didn't see Ibrahimovic elbow

"I was out on the corner by that time so I didn't see that one," Rooney added. "I'm sure if anything's happened people will have their opinion on that.

"The ones I've seen - I've been on the end of studs to the head and it's not nice. I'm sure the right punishment will be given."

Mings protested innocence

Mings also spoke to Sky Sports afterwards and protested his innocence, insisting the sickening sight of him making contact with Ibrahimovic was accidental.

Asked whether he went in with intent, Mings said: "No, not at all. I'd never do that. That's not in my game. Hard and fair is how I like to tackle but off the ball that isn't part of my game.

"He [Ibrahimovic] is who he is, he's a physical player, I knew what sort of battle I would be in for playing against him.

"There was maybe an elbow. I didn't see it; I felt it."

Asked whether he felt Ibrahimovic was "coming for him" at that stage of the contest, Mings added: "I had that feeling for the whole game. It was a good test, a good battle."