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Mertens marks his territory in Roma - Napoli match

Dries Mertens opened the scoring in Saturday's Roma - Napoli match and celebrated by pretending to be a dog urinating on the corner-flag. The home fans were less than impressed.

Mertens acts like a dog in Roma - Napoli match

Mertens marks his territory against Roma

Napoli striker Dries Mertens opened the scoring with a sublime chip against Roma this Saturday.

The normal part of Dries Mertens celebration after scoring against AS Roma.

And then celebrated in bizarre fashion, going down on all fours and going to the corner flag.

Dries Mertens heads to the corner flag on all fours...

Mertens pretends to urinate on corner-flag

Once at the corner-flag Mertens lifted his right leg, pretending to mark his territory in the style of a dog. 

The home fans were less than impressed by his canine inspired antics. 

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