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Anelka: "Mbappé must choose to be like Ronaldo or Anelka"

The ex-Madrid striker also openly criticised his former coach: "If he continues to follow 'O Fenómeno' he'll be a legend, but if he follows Domenech's career he'll just be like any other striker".

Anelka: "Mbappé must choose to be like Ronaldo or Anelka"


Nicolás Anelka spoke to L'Equipe about this year's biggest sensation Kylian Mbappé, comparing the Monaco striker to Ronaldo: "he reminds me of Ronaldo at the Olympics in 1996, and Mbappé is at the same level. He has all the characteristics of being a world-class player but he must manage them. He must choose to be like Ronaldo or Anelka," the former Madrid striker said. 


The Frenchman expanded upon the comparision:  "If he follows Ronaldo, O Fenómeno, my role model in football, he will be a legend and will make history om his sport. That is what I wish him," he said.


However, Anelka was also highly critical of his former national team coach: "He can also follow Raymond Domenech's career, and he will be just like any other striker. A small player from the French championship who has become a coach without winning any trophies and has then been unemployed since 2010. It is for Mbappe to choose," he added.