Internet mocks ‘tooled-up’ West Ham kids firm

Police have been alerted to a tweet uploaded on Friday, threatening travelling Everton fans. The thread of five kids brandishing weapons has gone viral.

Internet mocks ‘tooled-up’ West Ham kids firm

A tweet posted ahead of West Ham’s home game against Everton in which five kids, some of whom were pictured holding home-made weapons, went viral over the weekend. The photograph shows five school kids trying their best to look menacing in a back alley; one glowers with a baseball bat, the lad next to him is shown holding a rusty old bill hook - apparently, for the first time.

Underneath is a threatening message: “Everton, we’ll be waiting for your boys tomorrow COYI (Come On You Irons)”.

No weapon? no problem

The kid in the middle has a left-handed putter and the poor guy on the end doesn’t have a weapon at all – that was left up to the imagination of internet users and their Photoshop skills - pizzas, a prize-catch bream, juggling balls, Purple Aki and Sooty and Sweep featured in the results…

The tweet has been reported to the police as such threatening messages are considered an offence but as of the moment no action has been taken