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NFL draft

NFL draft 2017 live stream online: Garrett goes first

Myles Garrett was selected first overall and there were some massive trades early as the Bears shocked the world by picking Trubisky
Gremio-Lanús live online

Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Mitchell Trubisky (North Carolina) is selected as the number 2 overall pick to the Chicago Bears in the first round the 2017 NFL Draft at Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill StreicherUSA Today Sports

And with the first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.... 

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NFL draft 2017

And that is a wrap. Plenty to chew on tonight as the Bears shock everyone, Garrett goes first as expected and John Lynch knocks it out of the park with two top 10 talents and some extra picks in his back pocket, ready for tomorrow!

23:41 | The Saints have picked Ryan Ramczyk with the very last pick of the first round. Another tackle, this time from Wisconsin.

23:35 | John Lynch being lauded for his first draft as the GM of the San Francisco 49ers. He comes back into the first round and picks Reuben Foster. There were many places that had Foster as the second best player in the draft.

Corey Davis: the most prolific receiver in this year's draft
Full screen
Corey Davis: the most prolific receiver in this year's draft

23:31 | The Steelers select tight end T.J Watt with the number 30 pick of the draft. He is the brother of J.J Watt and Derek Watt. 

23:26 | The Browns pick David Njoku with their third pick in the first round. After add two defensive playmakers, they add an offensive player to help out!

23:22 | The Bills have selected Tre'Davious White with the 27th pick in the draft. Not the greatest first line of a scouting report. "He's kind of soft, but he can cover. He's not really what our team looks for because we play so much sub packages and he would have to be a better tackler to be on the field that much. He's a fit for what some teams do though. Like I said, he can cover."

Myles Garret | defensive end: Texas A&M
Full screen
Myles Garret | defensive end: Texas A&M

23:16 | The Cowboys pick Taco Charlton with the 28th pick in the draft. Here is an explainer of why he is called Taco. 

23:10 | Takkarist McKinley goes to the Falcons, who moved up and traded with the Seahawks. Ferocious off the edge is what Mel Kiper says. Both McKinley and Vic Beasley together will cause trouble for plenty of offenses next season.

"He was my sleeper headed into the season, but that went out the window with the season he had this year. I think he's a second rounder who needs time but he'll probably get overdrafted. He's going to be a productive pro."

McKinley has had to fight injuries and will be out until July. Here is a closer look at the rookie.

22:58 | Jabrill Peppers goes to the Browns. Their defense just took a massive leap forward! It needed one but they have it now up front and in the secondary.

22:57 | This is the first "red flag" of the draft. Gareon Conley is picked number 24th. He has been in the news recently after he was accused of rape but he says the allegations are absolutely false.

22:54 | The New York giants select Evan Engram, TE from Ole Miss, with the 23rd pick of the draft.

22:44 | The Miami Dolphins have selected Charles Harris, DE, with number 22. He had a really good combine and is talented. Consistency worries Mel Kiper but says he has plenty of talent. He had nine sacks last season.

"Don't get caught up in his numbers this year. He just didn't mesh with what they asked him to do. He's also got to be coachable and I think he may have fought the changes a little too much. What I saw in 2015 is what I think he's going to be." - NFC regional scout.

22:42 | The Lions select linebacker Jarrad Davis at number 21. Davis could be a pro-bowler soon if Mel Kiper is to be believed.

22:32 | The Broncos have selected Garett Bolles, OT from Utah with the 20th pick in the draft. Here is a good story about how he turned his life around. He is an athlete and can force movement in the run game but lack of consistency might be an issue - Kiper.

22:24 | The Bucs select a tight end in O.J. Howard with the 19th pick in the NFL Draft. NFC Scout is not concerned with Howard, "Alabama recruited a shiny toy but (Lane) Kiffin never really knew what to do with it. I don't worry about the talent at all. He could be an all-pro. I just need to know if he loves football."

22:18 | The Titans pick Adoree' Jackson with the 18th pick in the NFL Draft.

22:12 | Jonathan Allen goes number 17 to the Washington Redskins. Massive issues with his shoulders. He has arthritis in them but says it will not affect him until after he is finished his NFL career. Here is a closer look as the what is going on with Allen's shoulders.

22:08 | Baltimore pick Marlon Humphrey wuth the 16th pick of the NFL Draft.

 “I think I can run with any guy. There isn’t a receiver besides John Ross that I played that I ran with that I said, ‘This guy’s really, really fast.’ I think I can run with just about anybody. I think that’s my best trait.”

Good athlete, good recovery speed. "Talent to work with but need to put it to better use," says Mel Kiper.

22:01 | Malik Hooker has been selected by the Colts at numer 15. There is no way they thought he would be available 15. "Limited football experience," according to Mel Kiper. He is one-dimensional but needs to improve but has the ability to be a pro-bowler.

A scout with an AFC team says the same, "Hook(er) is still so raw and you see him making all of those plays. He's a player who will come in and look bad his first year and then be an all-pro by his third year. I think that's his arc. No short-cut for experience."

21:50 | The Eagles are on the clock. The Draft, of course, is on in Philadelphia and the crowd goes wild. They select Derek Barnett, the defensive end, from Tennessee. "Barnett is one of the most productive defensive linemen to come out of the SEC in quite some time," according to the NFL's scouting profile on him.

21:34 | The Cardinals pick Haason Reddick with the 13th pick in the draft. He is a linebacker from Temple. He has been compared to the Steelers' Ryan Shazier.

21:37 | The Texans take DeShaun Watson with the 12th pick of the draft! The experts say he could be the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft and he will most likely be the starter entering training camp.

21:34 | The Browns have sent their pick to Houston. Will they pick a quarterback? DeShaun Watson is still on the board. They need a QB! Has to be Watson but we have been wrong before.

21:29 | The New Orleans Saints pick Marshon Lattimore, cornerback from Ohio State, with the 11th pick in the draft. He was supposed to go in the top 5! Kiper says he could become a shutdown corner but had injury problems. His left hamstring kept him out of 2014 season and a strain in the right one hurt him in 2015. Can he stay healthy, is the big question?!

21:18 | Kansas City have traded way, way, way up and give the Bills their pick at 27. With that pick, they have selected Pat Mahomes, QB from Texas Tech. Huge trade and DeShaun Watson is still not off the board.

21:12 | The Cincinnati Bengals have picked John Ross, the wide receiver from Washington. According to one scout report, "He will get emotional on the field when he drops one or when their quarterback leaves an open deep ball short, and I've heard other scouts call it 'bad body language.' I just think he's an edgy player. He's competitive and shows it. You'll take some attitude when a guy scores as many touchdowns as he does."

21:04 | The Carolina Panthers have selected Christian McCaffrey with the number eight pick. McCaffrey says, "I play with a chip on my shoulder always, so I feel a lot of people don’t give me credit for my skills and talent. I also don’t really care too much. I don’t feel I’m crazy disrespected. I have a chip on my shoulder at all times. I’m constantly trying to prove myself.”

20:58 | The Los Angeles Chargers have selected the 6 foot 4 wide receiver Mike Williams with the number seven pick in the draft.

20:53 | The New York Jets have picked Jamal Adams, safety from LSU who has been compared to Tyrann Mathieu.

20:44 | The Tennessee Titans get a weapon for Marcus Mariota. They pick Corey Davis with the fifth pick from Western Michigan. Everyone thought that the Titans would go for a defensie back but they are helping out their quarterback and you can't fault them. Mel Kiper says he has the length, the skills to receive the ball and always wants it. They have raved about his work ethic and will be a success.

20:36 | Here comes Roger! The 4th pick: The Jaguars select Leonard Fournette from LSU. Adrian Peterson running back style. Mel Kiper does not put him in the same bracket as Elliott from the Cowboys because he does not have the same blocking ability but is worth a top 10 or 15 pick.

20:31 | The San Francisco 49ers have selected Solomon Thomas with the third pick. The third year sophomore is versatile and can disrupt quarterbacks in the NFL. Had a huge game against North Carolina where he terrorised Mitch Trubisky for the night.

20:28 | The Bears gave up: 

No. 3 overall

3rd rd pick (No. 67)

4th rd pick (No. 111) 

2018 3rd rd pick.

20:23 | The Bears have given up plenty for the number two pick. They have selected Mitch Trubisky with the number two pick. Solomon Thomas was the pick, but they went completely away from what the experts said!

20:20 | The Bears have move up one spot in place of San Francisco as they prepare to pick.

20:16 | As expected, the Browns select Myles Garrett. He needs to improve against the run and he needs to take more plays off in order to maximise his potential early, according to Mel Kiper, but getting after the QB is what the NFL is all about and that is something that Garrett most certainly does!

20:13 | If you saw the movie Moneyball, the Cleveland Browns hired Jonah Hill's character, Paul DePodesta as their chief strategist. Expect this to be an analytically-directed draft from the Browns instead of the typical scattershot approach they used to deploy.

20:09 | "They boo their own team, they even boo Santa Claus." They are saying that it's like the time Goodell returned to New England for the first time after deflategate.

20:00 | Roger Goodell takes to the stage and what has become a tradition, he is whistled and jeered as he starts to speak. 

19:56 | This description of 2,283 yards rushing last years, which was second to only the San Francisco 49ers. They gave up the 12th most yards through the air with 3,996 yards. Garrett will immediately improve that situation. 

19:46 | The Browns, as we know, will pick the 6 foot 4, 272 pound terror. They need a quarterback too and they have a pick at number 12 so don't be surprised if they are sounding out the likes of the Titans at five to find their guy if they think Trubisky might not be there after 11.

19:31 | There are also massive questions marks over Joe Mixon, who has the ability to be a massive star in the NFL. The league is trying to clean up its image though and he struck a woman in a restaurant and it remains to be seen whether he is picked tonight although the NFL does have a habit of fogetting about these things provided the player has enough talent!

19:20 | Christian McCaffrey caught some stick for skipping Standford's Bowl game but he says it was a decision made for his future and here he is, on the brink of becoming an NFL player.

He also says, "I play with a chip on my shoulder always, so I feel a lot of people don’t give me credit for my skills and talent. I also don’t really care too much. I don’t feel I’m crazy disrespected. I have a chip on my shoulder at all times. I’m constantly trying to prove myself.”

18:56 | Leonard Fournette is a beast. He has his flaws and has been trated quite harshly but make no mistake that there are few examples of a runner with as much power as the powerful running back. He is, acording to this article, a legend in the making! He will be gone tonight.

18:24 | People don't know who DeShaun Watson is, but they will soon. The Clemson quarterback interviewed people about DeShaun Watson without them knowing they were talking to the actual DeShaun Watson! 

18:13 | O.J Howard to the Jets might be as good as done. They need a Tight End but there are plenty who think a Tight End at Number 6 is a bit rich.

17:39 | Jonathan Allen has problems with his shoulder and could be a risk for anyone, but he says they are fine. The big man brought us behind the scenes of the draft and he had some really interesting adventures, including getting stuck inside an MRI machine.

17:23 | While everyone is talking up Watson and Trubisky, there are plenty of teams very high on Patrick Mahomes. He would be a good fit in Houston. Don't expect any other QBs to go tonight though because Lance Zeirlein says, "While there is plenty of smoke about which quarterbacks could be going where, there seems to be a consensus building that Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes will end up in the first round when it is all said and done. Talk of DeShone Kizer, Davis Webb and Joshua Dobbs flirting with the first round might just be that ... talk."

17:07 | Wide reciever John Ross is being talked down in latest mock draft and is off some boards as he had to have surgery to repair an ACL and meniscus tear. He was touted as a first rounder but according to Daniel Jeremiah's latest mock draft, he will not be picked tonight!

16:37 | Cleveland beat writer just announced that Garrett will be the Browns' number one pick. There was talk of Trubisky but at least we know now for sure!

16:21 | Some of the former first round draft picks reminisce on their draft experiences.

16:05 | Want to know how crazy NFL teams are to weed out the "bad eggs"? They ask them the weirdest questions as psychological tests. Like the time one prospect was asked if he was to kill someone, would he use a gun or a knife? 

15:40 | Whether it's the Browns trading up or the Broncos, who have spoken with the Titans at number five reportedly, we are going to see plenty of action tonight in terms of trades in the first round. 

Their cornerback, Chris Harris, said "We definitely need a guy that can play running back, receiver and returner."

Cough, Christian McCaffrey, cough.

15:17 | A really neat little schedule planner here if you are setting your alarm to wake up for your team's draft picks. It shows the time each team will pick at. Starting at 02:15 CEST, they will pick every ten minutes from that point! Atlanta Falcons pick last at 05:15 CEST.

14:47 | DeShaun Watson would not be happy if Mitch Trubisky was picked before him in the draft. He laid down the gauntlet for any team who has Trubisky ranked higher than him and said, "You're gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it. That's how I see it."

His old coach added, "I'm just telling you if they pass on Deshaun Watson, they're passing on Michael Jordan, I'm just telling you. I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. I'm just an old funky college coach. (But) Deshaun Watson is the best -- by a long shot.''

14:09 | I might as well get this out of the way early. I am a Chicago Bears fan so forgive anyway swearing when the Bears pick. Everyone and their father says the Bears are picking Marshon Lattimore, the corner back from Ohio State. He has hamstring issues but being the top cornerback in a draft class flooded with them is quite impressive.

I also love what the NFL say about him in their scout profile of him. "Uber-athlete."

13:50 | There has been plenty of posturing and trying to figure out what other teams are doing. The Browns need a quarterback but Myles Garrett is the consensus number one pick. They have decided who it will be so really it is the San Francisco 49ers on the clock. If you have an hour before the draft, you could do worse than listen to this podcast to find out what it's like inside the warrom and why the Browns should pick Garrett and not MitchTrubisky

13:20 EDT | The Wonderlic test has been used to evaluate draft prospects through cognitive ability. But does it actually work, asks Allen Barra?

12:30 EDT (18:30 CEST) | To continue the quarterback chatter, Les Carpenter has written a fascinating article in The Guardian regarding perceptions of African-American quarterbacks. Over the last seven drafts, the average pick for a black quarterback has been 70th, while it has been 53rd for white players in the same position.

11:47 EDT | Green Bay writer, Ryan Wood, reminds us that Jahri Evans is 5th free agent that Packers GM Ted Thompson signed this offseason. The only other year that he signed 5 free agents in one offseason was 2006.

11:32 EDT | Quite a bit of quarterback chatter around about Deshaun Watson going to Jacksonville at number four. One of the many rumours we'll be discussing as the day/night progresses.

11:21 EDT | Looking for a complete receiver? How about Corey Davis? He's ready to prove some doubters wrong at the next level. Speaking to CBS Chicago he said:

“I’ve always had that chip on my shoulder. I’ve always worked like I’m the best guy in the county. That’s the approach I took.”

11:13 EDT | Did you know that there have only been three top 5 RBs over the last 10 draft picks? Well, they were Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden and Ezekiel Elliott.

11:00 EDT (17:00 CEST) | Welcome to our live coverage of the 2017 draft in the NFL. Have a read of our preview below and stay tuned as we build up to all the action. We'll be here to keep you informed, keep you entertained, and keep some of you in Europe awake as we drift into the wee small hours of Friday morning.  

NFL draft 2017: preview

The 82nd annual NFL Draft will take place in the early hours of Friday morning, 02:00 CET, in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is the first time the draft will be held outside as everyone involved hopes the weather holds up and it is the first time since 1961 that the draft will be held in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Cleveland Browns hold the first pick in the draft and they have reportedly already decided who they will pick. If it is not Myles Garrett, there will be plenty of NFL Draft "experts" will have been completely wrong. Garret was profiled recently by ESPN and he comes across as a very interesting character.

If you're new to the NFL or the NFL Draft and think it might be boring why not read about Laremy Tunsil? Just before the draft, the top prospect had his account hacked and photos of him smoking marijuana through a gas mask were leaked online. He slipped to 16th in the draft and was picked by the Miami Dolphins.

What you need to know

It depends on what position your team needs but they say it is the worst offensive line class in the last 15 years. But, if you happen to find youself on the clock at some stage in the future, this one on how to draft an offensive lineman is really good.

There are also plenty of doubts over the quarterbacks in the draft with only one expert on picking a quarterback in the top five.

There is also some vital information right here as to what you need to know for the upcoming draft

NFL 2017 Draft Order

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Tennessee Titans
  6. New York Jets
  7. Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Carolina Panthers
  9. Cincinnati Bengals
  10. Buffalo Bills
  11. New Orleans Saints
  12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)
  13. Arizona Cardinals
  14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota)
  15. Indianapolis Colts
  16. Baltimore Ravens
  17. Washington Redskins
  18. Tennessee Titans
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  20. Denver Broncos
  21. Detriot Lions
  22. Miami Dolphins
  23. New York Giants
  24. Oakland Raiders
  25. Houston Texans
  26. Seattle Seahawks
  27. Kansas City Chiefs
  28. Dallas Cowboys
  29. Green Bay Packers
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers
  31. Atlanta Falcons
  32. New Orleans Saints

 "Don't get caught up in his numbers this year. He just didn't mesh with what they asked him to do. He's also got to be coachable and I think he may have fought the changes a little too much. What I saw in 2015 is what I think he's going to be."


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