Cristiano sends a message to his detractors: "Keep hating"!

The Portuguese striker sent a message to his fans after securing 100 million followers on his Instagram account.


As part of a video Q&A with his fans to celebrate 100 million Instagram followers, Cristiano Ronaldo took a swipe at his detractors.

He responded to a message about his "haters" claiming: "The haters still hate me because without you (the haters) I'm not what I am today so keep going...but the most important thing for me are my fans".

The player from Madeira then claimed that a dip in the swimming pool wasn't part of the Q&A session but ended the video with his trademark "Siiiiiiiiiii" and leapt into the pool as his Instagram fans watched on. The striker was in a particularly buoyant mood after his hat-trick on Tuesday sees his Real Madrid odds on favourites to secure a place in the June 3 Champions League final in Cardiff.