Supporters don't understand Cristiano's stance

Cristiano Ronaldo's recent hints at wanting a move away from Spain have not been well received among the Real Madrid faithful. This is palpable in recent conversations I've had and yesterday in AS we ran an online poll with four out of every five participants failing to see his reasoning. This is not the first example of a Cristiano outburst. I recall the episode when the player claimed to be "sad" and another occasion when there seemed to be a high level of interest from PSG. The Madeira born player has always maintained a distance from the general media with an uneasy relationship between both sides with the fallout from his 30th birthday party souring an already tense association despite the fact that it was his guests who leaked details and videos of the bash. 

Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo

We are all Messi 

Knowing the player as I can do, I can see why he makes these statements. He's a meticulous guy who always wants to be wanted. His insecurity as a person propels him to do better and secure mass adoration. He feels he has done a great deal for the image of both Madrid and in turn for LaLiga and he has been whistled at by his own fans and now painted as a criminal facing a possible prison sentence for documentation that he may have signed without consultation. Barcelona's defended Lionel Messi was a "We're all Messi" campaign and Cristiano's support from his club was a brief but aloof official press release from the club, which in my view served perfectly as a means of support but that's the way Madrid operate.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal reacts during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 group A soccer match between Portugal and Mexico at the Kazan Arena in Kazan, Russia, 18 June 2017.

First challenge for Florentino

Florentino Perez yesterday secured his fifth term as club president, following no other opposition to his presidential campaign and will need to swiftly to address this situation. Cristiano is still the best player at the club and fell into Florentino's term like manna from heaven having been signed during Ramon Calderón's tenure as president. At the time Perez claimed too much was paid for CR7 and this is something the Portuguese striker never forgets as each contract renewal negation comes around. I still maintain that this will all eventually blow over as Cristiano has yet to publicly express his sentiment despite his flirtation and filtration via the Portuguese media. I'm sure when this has all died down he can claim it was just "press talk".