Neymar: "Lima will bring a lot of joy to Barcelona, I hope he joins"

Barcelona's Brazilian forward spoke during a charity event in São Paulo and told reporters he is "doing what I can" to ensure his compatriot joins the Catalans.


Neymar mulled over the possibility of fellow Brazilian Lucas Lima joining him at Barcelona and told reporters that if was up to him, the deal would go though without delay. Speaking at a charity event in São Paulo today, Neymar admitted that he is doing what he can to ensure the 26-year-old forward joins Barça on a free transfer from Santos at the start of next year.

Neymar enthuses over Santos ace Lucas Lima

Reports in Brazil claim that the deal has in fact already been done, with Lima to sign a five-year contract and take home an annual salary of five million euros.

"I've been trying to help and do what I can so that he can join us. He's a player who I have a great admiration for - I like him a lot and he's also a good friend. I hope it all goes through without problems. If he joins Barcelona he will be welcomed with open arms. I am sure he will bring a lot of joy to the team if he ends up with us", Neymar said, adding, "If it were up to me, he'd already be signed! (laughs), but unfortunately I don't have a say in the matter".

Lucas Lima is a left-footed winger and among his qualities is his vision and powerful shot. He likes to hug the right touchline and drift inside. His arrival would be another reinforcement for Barcelona, who are looking for players who can provide competition for Messi, Suárez and Neymar