Neymar could leave Barcelona for Manchester... or maybe Eibar!

The Barça star joked about his future during an interview in Brazil but there is no sign he's really planning to abandon the Camp Nou project.

Barcelona's Brazilian star Neymar has been enjoying some holiday life back home ahead of another busy year at the Catalan club. While there he has been taking care of various press commitments and has been involved with the Five Soccer Tournament.

As part of those media interactions he was asked about his future and if it may lie away from the Camp Nou. It's almost as if the player had been asked that question before and was prepared for it, casually responding: "Anything can happen, who knows..."

Manchester or EIbar for Neymar

However, the journalist wanted more and pushed further, despite it being clear that the Brazilian had no plans to leave the Liga runners-up. The follow-up question was simple: "Manchester?" Neymar took the specific question in his stride: "Yes," he said, giving some hope to anyone related to two particular clubs in the Premier League, before adding, "...or Eibar!"

Although the conversation is in Portuguese we thought you'd appreciate hearing, and seeing, their jovial interaction in the video above.