Mourinho: 'The figures are really crazy for average players'

The Manchester United boss is stunned by the prices being commanded in the current transfer window.


Manchester United coach José Mourinho has criticised the huge sums being moved in this summer's transfer market and said that his club wouldn't be held to ransom to bring in new talent. Although Man Utd have splashed out 100 million on Romelu Lukaku and defender Victor Lindelof, the club turned down the possibility of buying Real Madrid's Alvaro Morata, who ended up moving to Chelsea.

Mourninho reduces transfer demands

“Everybody knows because I said I would like four players, I asked for four players, and I’m ready to go from four to three because the market is difficult, because some clubs think the market is different from others,” Mourinho said.

“We are not a club that is ready to buy and buy and buy non-stop, we are not a club that is ready to pay what clubs want us to pay so I’m ready to go from four to three. With these three it just gives us a better balance to the team and give us better conditions to compete.

Mourinho says transfer fees are 'crazy'

“The transfer fees don’t surprise me, really. I kept saying there is big economic power at every club that allows clubs to say no. Or to say pay what I want or you don’t get it.

“I can imagine City would like to pay £25m for Kyle, I can imagine that, but I’m sure they knocked on Spurs price and they were told this is the price and if you don’t pay you don’t get.

“So you have the option to pay or not. The strange thing now is I am used to teams paying big amounts for big players. And now everybody is paying big amounts for good players. And there is a difference between good players and big players and now the figures are really crazy also for normal players.”

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