After Villar: they still have the key and the accounts

The spectacle is not inspiring. Villar, his son Gorka and his not very holy spirit, Padron, may all now be in prison, but the federation is not looking to cleanse itself. Juan Luis Larrea was treasurer during those many years in which the money of the Federation was handled with a certain finesse that was reflected in the recorded conversations surrounding Villar's regime, brought into the open thanks to the strong ruling from Judge Pedraz. Yesterday’s meeting was presided over by Esther Gascón, who according to the recordings was intended to receive 300,000 euros for a false dismissal. And out of that meeting came the announcement from the Assembly, Larrea was to take over as interim president.

April 21, 2014: Then-President of Spanish Football Association and the representative of FIFA, Angel Maria Villar.

April 21, 2014: Then-President of Spanish Football Association and the representative of FIFA, Angel Maria Villar.

General Assembly not for nothing

The meeting did serve a purpose. It allowed the urgently needed schedule of the Segunda B División to be confirmed. It meant the dates for the Copa del Rey could be ratified. And it also served as a check to see that Atlético Madrid president, Enrique Cerezo, and some other club presidents did not heed the advice of Javier Tebas to abstain from going to the occasion, one that brought together 93 of the 140 members. I understand Cerezo. Between you and me, he was confident that getting along well with Villar was going to be better for Atlético based on the way that refereeing decisions were made historically. I can’t disagree with that.

Juan Luis Larrea (c), new president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF); Esther Gascón (L), general secretary of the RFEF, and Enrique Cerezo, Atlético Madrid president (R).

Villar’s protected ranch endures

What proved of no value, however, was the justification of the accounts. The accounts that Villar had prepared were like a magic trick that somehow transformed losses of 18 million euros into a profit of 14 million. So it’s not that anyone has newly arrived to take over, they continue as before, watching over the ranch. How can they do this, managing at his whim, following the instructions they receive from Villar himself? It’s because they have the key and they have accounts. And while the CSD doesn’t act firmly, this is how it will continue. But I look at José Ramón Lete, the secretary of state for sport, who is without appropriate resources and without motivation, and the only voice being raised is that of Óscar Garvín, president of ProLiga, who likewise isn’t regarded high enough to make a difference.