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Champion Irish greyhound tests positive for cocaine

Clonbrien Hero, the Irish Laurels champion back in July, has tested positive for cocaine.

Greyhound racing world in shock as Clonbrien Hero tests positive for cocaine

The world of greyhound racing was hit by a major shock on Wednesday evening with the news that champion runner Clonbrien Hero ahd tested positive for cocaine.

Clonbrien Hero tests positive

According to the Irish Independent, Clonbrien Hero tested positive for Benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, on three occasions. The level of cocaine has not been released. 

The matter has been passed to the Control Committee, who will now conduct an enquiry.

Clonbrien Hero won the Irish Laurels at Curraheen Park in late July.

Cocaine doesn't give performance improvement

In general, cocaine is not considered to improve athletic performance in any animal, although there is a long history of humans using it, particularly because the euphoric effects can make athletes feel they are performing better. Cocaine is a banned drug for athletes not because it improves performance, but because it is illegal and can lead to death or injury.

In a case in the US in the late 1980s horses were found to have traces of cocaine in their systems, but vets there queried why the horses would have been given cocaine as it would not give the animals any advantage.