• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'

31' Cala

38' Gaku Shibasaki

53' Out Gaku Shibasaki in Álvaro Jiménez

70' Out Amath in Sergio Mora

84' Out Mauro Arambarri in Portillo

87' Damián Suárez


9' Piqué

28' Out Ousmane Dembélé in Deulofeu

45' Out Iniesta in Denis Suárez

52' Deulofeu

61' Denis Suárez

65' Alba

72' Luis Suárez

76' Out Rakitic in Paulinho

83' Paulinho


Getafe 1-2 Barcelona LaLiga 2017: Match report, goals, action

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Getafe 1-2 Barcelona LaLiga 2017: Match report, goals, action

Getafe 1-2 Barcelona: match report

Barcelona left it late and did so in unconvincing fashion against Getafe on Saturday afternoon but they knocked the ball firmly back into Real Madrid's court with a come-from-behind victory in the suburbs of Madrid to steal all three points.

Ernesto Valverde turned heads with his team selection as he only made one change from the side that beat Juventus in the Champions League mid-week. Sergi Roberto was brough in in place of Nelson Semedo. The Spanish utility man would prove somewhat of a masterstroke from the new Barca manager.

Gaku Shibasaki lands the opener against Barcelona.

The visitors side started on a sour note after Ousmane Dembele went down clutching his hamstring after 24 minutes. He signalled to the bench that he was finished but they could already read it from his face. He hobbled off to be replaced by Gerard Deulofeu.

It looked like former Tenerife man, Gaku Shibasaki, would grab the headlines when he rifled home a headed-down assist from Jorge Molina on 39 minutes. After holding their own for the entire half, and more, but were starting to flag as the half wore on. That is usually when Barcelona smell weakness and go for the kill but it was the Japanese who was in the mode to break hearts.

That was how it finished at the break and Valverde was forced into his second substitution. He changed Andres Iniesta for Denis Suárez and Barcelona started the second half in aggressive fashion. They had their reward for their proactive approach after 62 minutes when Denis Suarez took a pass from the raiding Sergi Roberto down the right. He waited, took a look at goal and struck into one of the only places he could that was not being defended by a Getafe body part. It just happened to be the top corner too.

Denis Suarez delights at scoring Barca's first against Getafe.

Barcelona had that familiar smell of weakness in their nostrils again and when Paulinho broke into the penalty area, and rode the challenge of Djene Dakonam perfectly, it seemed the writing was on the wall. Paulinho drove the ball across the keeper and into the side netting to give them the lead and all three points at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.

Tougher tests lay ahead but with the lack of rotation, Valverde might have been making sure that Barcelona managed all three points before Real Madrid's showdown with Real Sociedad on Sunday night at the Anoeta. It was an unconvincing job with collateral damage but a job done nonetheless.

Getafe vs Barcelona live stream online: latest news

90'+2' GAME OVER! Barcelona do it with a comeback win.

90'+2' Lots of time-wasting now down the right-hand side for Barcelona and that suits them. Getafe just can't seem to get the ball back and when they do, they can't get it in a decent position.

89' Messi breaks semi-free and strikes with his trademark curled, low into bottom corner but Djene gets a shin to it and puts it just wide.

88' Damian Suarez the latest to go into the referee's book.

86' Where do Getafe go from here? They might be out of steam after their first half push and the bright sparks they have shown in the second. 

84' Paulinho looks to have gotten the winner. He breaks inside, stays on his feet as he rides a tackle, and scores the winner.

83' And Barcelona are straight up the other end but Luis Suarez' cross-field pass is picked off. A lovely counter wasted for the visitors.

82' Hits the base of the post. Arambarri with a strike after receiving it from Mora. What a chance. Corner as itr took a deflection.

81' Cross now from Mora but goes out over the line before it lands. Getafe with a decent spell now.

81' Jimenez growing increasingly used to those strikes. He launches that towards Ter Stegen. He scored the winner against Leganes last week. 

80' Alvaro Jimenez with another effort. Forces a save from an increasingly quiet Ter Stegen. 

79' Deulofeu has a right go at the referee. He fouls Cala but insists he didn't. Looks like as the ball came over, he did almost haul him down.

77' Rakitic replaced by Paulinho...

76' Alba can't do anything as he's put free down the left. Goalkick.

73' Free to Barcelona comes floating in and Piqué is offside. It feel in between his feet anyway and Getafe were looking good to get it away.

73' Luis Suarez gets booked for dissent. He keeps jawing but the yellow is enough for now. Barcelona are looking frustrated.

72' Mora replaces Amath.

70' Djene really lucky not to give away a penalty. He takes Suarez down and then Getafe break and Umtiti takes Alvao Jimenez down but he did get the ball. Unsure as to whether it was but replays showed that he did get the ball.

68' Long, searching ball for Molina finds him, but it finds him in an offside position.He had the chance to go at Piqué there and the Spanish defender delighted to see the flag.

67' They're showing replays of the goal for Roberto and Deulofeu very lucky not to give away a free at the edge of the box.

66' Jordi Alba booked as Alvaro Jimenez goes by him and he obstructs him with a dirty little arm to the face.

64' Barca pushing for more now too, as you'd expect. Getafe need to stem the tide.

62' GOAL! That one was coming as Getafe were starting to flag again. Denis Suarez applies the finish. Sergi Roberto with the run and he squares to the midfielder. He took an extra second and slots it in the far corner.

60' Alvaro Jimenez replaces Gaku Shibasaki.

60' Suarez seems to foul Djene but he just used his body to shield him as the ball goes out for a corner.

59' Fajr stands on Umtiti as he slides in late. 

58' Luis Suarez is down injured now as a Getafe cross is cleared. Barcelona don't want to stop though and Suarez slowly gets to his feet. He's fine.

56' Sergi Roberto down the right and cuts in. He strikes but Guaita saves with ease.

55' Antunes drives the free over.

54' Deulofeu with a high boot in Arambarri and gets booked. 

52' Gaku down now and looks to be in some discomfort.

50' Bergara with a fairly crunching tackle to win the ball back from Deulofeu before D. Suarez fouls him.

49' Barca pushing hard to start the second half. Denis Suarez again trying to find a way through, as is Deulofeu. Luis Suarez called for offside in the end.

48' Denis Suarez wants a penalty as he makes his way into the box and a number of legs appear in front of him. referee says no again.

47' Molina turns Umtiti upside down on the sideline but referee says it wasn't the case and no contact. Throw for Getafe.

46' After a false start!

46' We are back underway at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.

  Denis Suárez coming on for Andres Iniesta.

  Time to turn full-time body language expert but Barcelona players looking a little glum as they come back on the field. 

  Not many better ways to set that record than with thumper!

  Gaku Shibasaki with a wonder goal becomes the only Japanese player to score against Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

  Very demorailising for Barca as that's when they usually wear you down and break your heart. fortunes reversed, perhaps.

  Massive 45 minutes for Getafe but it might be even bigger for Barcelona. They haven't been given an inch against Getafe today. Some very good battles going on and just when Getafe were flagging, they responded with an absolute belter of a goal. 

45'+1' What a save! Messi with a ball into the top corner and Guaita saves. That is the save of the season. There is nothing Messi could have done more. Absolutely perfect.

44' Fajr at the back post from an Amath. He strikes over Ter Stegen's crossbar.

41' This has been fairly comprehensive  from Getafe.

39' Gaku Shibasaki  with a wonderful strike. An absolutely beautiful strike! Headed down by Molina and loops over Ter Stegen. 

37' A survival effort until half-time, it seems.

37' Barcelona applying a little more pressure now before half-time. Getafe also having more trouble in breaking free. Still no chances for Barcelona.

35' Ball comes in from a Deulofeu cross. In an effort to buy space and an effort to push Djene out of the way, he stands right on the defender's foot and Djene goes down. Play stops as Suarez tries to explain himself. 

33' Molina tries to wriggle his way free as Barcelona players start to gather around him. He ends up fouling Piqué.

32' Cala plays a little close to the edge and gets the first booking of the game. Foul on Messi from behind as he seemed to have a cut at his ankle.

32' The eventual corner is worked short but it ends up on Umtiti's head and he heads straight into Guaita's hands.

32' Corner Barca after ball over the top to Suarez that Cala gets away. 

32' Ball arrives onto Molina's head but he had strayed offside. Barca lucky as Amath was lurking and the ball fell to him just right.

30' Valverde said this would be a tricky one and he's right. Getafe full of confidence.

28' Getafe in no way sitting back. they attack again and Amath might have a chance if he could buy a yard. Then Gaku ends up fouling Umtiti in search of a shot.

25' What a blow. Dembele goes down and tells the bench he can't continue. Suarez and Deulofeu out warming up. Wow! Valverde was just saying he was building up to full fitness. A loss for Barcelona, who already look a little unbalanced up front.

23' A Fajr cross sees Ter Stegen come out and gather. Piqué nearly collided with him. Lucky we didn't have a complete write-off there.

21' Barcelona doing what they can to build a foothold in this game. They can't though as Getafe have looked dangerous on the break.

19' Header from Cala from the free. 

18' Umtitit climbs in over Molina and gives away a free.

16' Antunes picks it off, plays it to Amatah and he puts Gaku through. He throws a ball into the box and Piqué deflected clearance falls to Molina at the back post. Inches wide. What a miss?!?! It was a difficult one as he was reaching but that was so, so so, close. 

15' Dembele with a nice run into the box after some nice passing outside the box. Thrown off the ball by Cala and cleared.

14' Iniesta is fouled as he tried to break.

13' Jordi Alba crossing after recieving the ball from an offside position.

11' Difficult angle from the free and Getafe waste it.

10' Piqué nutmegged perfectly by Molina and he hauls the striker down just outside the penalty area. Piqué is very lucky not to a) give away a penalty and b) get sent off. He looked to have cover arriving but Molina had a clear cut chance from that.

8' Demebele wriggles free of Cala, and he manages to buy a yard down the right but he loses his footing and gives the defender a chance to recover.


6' It really is all Barcelona though as of now. Messi scoops a ball towards Suarez and Djene does really well. Suarez might have gone down if he felt any pressure but Djene stood him up and one it back barely touching him.

5' Fajr out wide to Suarez and he receives it back before whipping in a cross. That doesn't work and Getafe win it back. Decent spell from them now. 

4' Amath N'Diaye putting pressure on Barcelona again but Piqué ends up winning a goal-kick for his side.

2' Amath wins it back off Dembele. He ends up playing it to Molina and he strikes towards Ter Stegen. The German gets down fast and smother it. Good start from Getafe and indicative of what they will be trying all afternnoon.

1' We have kick-off in the suburbs of Madrid! 

They did get a point back in 2014-15, the same year they were relegated. A0-0 draw enough to nick a point against the champions that year.

In 14 games at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, Getafe have picked up points in five. They have three wins and two draws. The last win came back during the 2011-12 season when a Juan Valera header settled it in favour of the hosts.

With Dembele starting, Barcelona hushing the critics, Coutinho starts for Liverpool for the first time since the failed summer bid to bring him to Catalunya. This is precisely where this chapter ends.

This could prove to be a tricky one against Getafe for Barcelona and the chances are, given how big a game Real Madrid have on Sunday, Valverde wants to make sure he plays his very best side and get the win before handing it over to Real Madrid, who have a tricker game against Real Sociedad. A seven point lead at this stage of the season would be absolutely huge for Barcelona and Valverde knows that.

Keep and eye on Mauro Arambarri from deep midfield today too and how Barcelona keep an eye out for him. He could make a difference and scored an absolute peach against Leganes last week. A Uruguyuan 21-year-old.

The key man-on-man matchup, and this could change depending on where Amath is playing but Sergi Roberto vs. Amath N'Diaye. Semedo needed a break but if Amath gets a run on Roberto down Getafe's left, Valverde might rue that decision.

Barcelona's midfield and backline will have their work cut out for them today. Is a Busquets and Iniesta pivot quick and dynamic enough to withstand the pace and movement of Fajr, Amath and Gaku. That really should be the key tactical match-up. (We know it's most likely going to be what Messi and co. do but Getafe will sit and counter, so not much changes there on a weekly basis.)

Despite grabbing the late, and spectacular, winner in the South Madrid derby against Leganes, Álvaro Jiménez is on the bench to start against Barcelona. Bordalas remains with the midfield three of Gaku, Fajr and Amath.

Getafe team news in too: Guaita, Suarez, Djene, Cala, Antunes, Bergara, Arambarri, Gaku, Fajr, Amath, Molina.

Ernesto Valverde gives Dembele his first start for Barcelona and here's what he said about him at his press conference yesterday: "He's getting closer and closer to match fitness which is a move in the right direction. He is a player who wants to offer us a whole lot and we just need to get it into his head that we play a different style of player here in Barcelona that what he had in Dortmund but that doesn't really affect much else."


Barcelona team news: Ter Stegen, Sergi Romberto, Piqué, Umtiti, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, Dembele, Messi, Suarez.

What the difference three games make. After all the shouting and roaring done about Barcelona and their busy summer of doing nothing productive, they are flying on the football field, you know, where football games are typically sorted out! Bartomeu seems to be currying the right sort of flavour now and says that a contract is being worked out for Iniesta to remain for as long as he wants at the club and the stalwart will be the one who decides if he wants to stay at the club. Meanwhile, Ernesto Valverde says he isn't getting carried away as "just a month ago, we were a disaster after losing the Super Cup". 

Leo Messi has bagged five goals already this season but how does he fare against Getafe? Well, the Madrid side are eighth on the Argentinean's list of favourite victims, Messi having helped himmself to 18 goals in 20 games with 13 assists thrown in for good measure.

Since Barcelona's 2-0 loss to Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup, they have not conceded a goal. Three league games and the tough Champions League opener mentioned before have seen them score 12 without reply. With Valverde getting more out of Busquets, and now the addition of Dembele's flair to Messi and Suárez up top, it just shows how quickly pre-seasons opinions can change.

The guys at LaLiga are asking an interesting question. Many have compared this goal by Messi against Getafe to that of another decent Argentine player, Diego Maradona, in the 1986 World Cup against England. What's your view? 

Both these sides come to the game on the back of victories. Last time out Getafe won away to Leganés while Barcelona are in fine form with a 3-0 win over Champions League finalists Juventus midweek and a 5-0 derby win against Espanyol last weekend. 

If Barcelona win tonight they'll go seven points clear of Real Madrid in LaLiga table, with Barça's eternal rivals still to play Real Sociedad tomorrow night. Real Madrid have dropped points against Valencia and Levante, both at home, while Barcelona are striding along having won their three games. And no matter what Barcelona do, Real Madrid will be nervous heading up to Anoeta, Real Sociedad are in scintillating form right now, scoring goals for fun and generally playing lovely football. So much so, our AS Oracle has tipped them to do the business against Zidane's men

Barcelona will be trying out their new third kit for the first time at the Coliseum. Here's a glimpse of the shirt before Messi, Iniesta and co get inside them 

Getafe fans will try to forget their recent head-to-head record against Barcelona. In the last three league meetings Barça took all the points with a combined score of 14-0. Ignoring them, the two previous games - back in 2014 - were drawn.

The Getafe manager also gave special mention to Lionel Messi who he said was the best player in the world...along with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo 
...but manager Bordalás has said that although it can be difficult to stop Barça's players, they respect them, but never fear them.  
Getafe C.F. are looking forward to hosting the superstars from Catalonia today at the Coliseum 
As well as the visit of early LaLiga leaders Barcelona to Madrid, there is another game later tonight that has a significantly more historic feel. 
The Barcelona side arrived in the national capital last night. Here's Piqué, Busquets, Messi and the squad after their brief plane journey 

For some key background information on Getafe vs Barcelona, check out our preview below.

  Kick off here in Spain's capital is at 16:15 but if you're not in the our time zone then check this handy guide out for how and where you can follow the match https://en.as.com/en/2017/09/14/football/1505393239_497540.html

Hello and welcome to our live build up to today's game in Madrid as Barcelona are welcomed to newly promoted Getafe.

Getafe vs Barcelona live stream online: match preview

Barcelona travel to Madrid on Saturday to take on Getafe as Real Madrid hope their neighbours can do them a favour in the efforts to catch up with the Catalans in the Liga. The game kicks off at Coliseum Alfonso Pérez at 16:15 CEST on the outskirts of Madrid. (You can check out our 'How and Where to watch' for the game here).

One of Real Madrid or Real Sociedad - or possibly even both - will drop points at the weekend, which will have Barcelona rubbing their hands at the thoughts of taking sole ownership of the number one spot in LaLiga after four games. That is provided they can keep their impeccable record under Ernesto Valverde in the league extended into four matchdays.

Getafe latest news

Newly-promoted Getafe are sitting a very comfortable 10th in the league after an impressive start to life back at the top table. They were beaten, narrowly, but Sevilla on the opening weekend before holding Athletic Bilbao to a scoreless draw and then beating Leganes in the first ever Southern Madrid derby in the top flight.

Jose Bordalas fought with Getafe until the end last season and managed to get them promoted after beating favourites Tenerife in a playoff. They have since conceded just twice in their opening three despite not outlaying too much during summer business.

They bought Amath N'Diaye, a speedy winger who was part of that Tenerife side they beat in the playoffs. They also brought in Gaku Shibasaki from the same side, on a free transfer. 21-year-old Uruguayan, Mauro Arambarri, has been the most pleasing aspect of Getafe's return to LaLiga. Arricing on loan from Club Atletico Boston River, he is definitely one to watch as they look to nick a point or three off Barcelona on Saturday.

Possible line-up: Guaita, Suarez, Cala, Djene, Antunes, Arambarri, Bergera, Fajr, Shibasaki, N'Diaye, Molina.

Barcelona latest news

After getting off to life with what was sold as an era-ending defeat to Real Madrid in the Spanish SuperCup, Barcelona have won three from three in LaLiga without conceding a goals, and hardly looking like doing so either, all the while playing with an intensity that has not been since Pep Guardiola's time at the club.

The loss of Neymar in the summer was said to be a critcial blow but in Ousmane Dembele, they appear to have signed his replacement for the long term and for the now. It improves their options up front and, truth be told, you could lose eight of your starting 11 and with Lionel Messi being Lionel Messi, you still won't be far away when it's time for reckoning at the end of the season.

Valverde seems to have given his faith to Andres Iniesta, who is back playing on a far more frequent basis and Nelson Semedo appears to be ready to finally solve Barca's ongoing right-back issues that have hurt them more than once in recent seasons.

Possible line-up: Ter Stegen, Semedo, Pique, Umtiti, Alba, Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, Dembele, Messi and Suarez.

Getafe vs Barcelona live stream online: selected betting odds

Getafe are priced at 28/1 to spring a surprise 1-0 victory in the Coliseum, with Barça at 7/1 to win either 2-0 or 3-0. You can get odds of 100/1 on the visitors to knock seven past Geta without reply and 15/2 on Leo Messi to bag a second hat-trick in as many Liga games.

Bet on Getafe - Barcelona.

LaLiga Santander

Table PTS W D L
9Valencia 5 1 2 0
10Getafe 4 1 1 1
11Girona 4 1 1 1
Full standing
Next matches
Getafe - Barcelona S-16/09 16:15
Celta - Getafe J-21/09 21:00
Getafe - Villarreal D-24/09 16:15

*Update 15 de septiembre de 2017

LaLiga Santander

Table PTS W D L
1Barcelona 9 3 0 0
2R. Sociedad 9 3 0 0
3Sevilla 7 2 1 0
Full standing
Next matches
Getafe - Barcelona S-16/09 16:15
Barcelona - Eibar M-19/09 22:00
Girona - Barcelona S-23/09 20:45

*Update 15 de septiembre de 2017