Champions League final at the Wanda: all the more incentive for Atlético and Simeone

The Wanda Metropolitano has been chosen to host the Champions League final in 2019. What better endorsement of Atlético Madrid's new home can there be?

What a start to life for Atlético's new home stadium

It's the first time that Atlético's stadium will be the venue for the trophy decider of Europe's premier competition; this truly is a landmark moment for the club.

Yes sir, the Wanda Metropolitano has been born blessed.

The Atlético supporters had always wanted to see a final of this calibre at the Vicente Calderón, but the powers-that-be in European football had remained reluctant to let that happen.

Not now. By the time the showpiece event comes around, the arena will be running on full cylinders and will be the best in all of Europe.

Atlético Madrid hosted Málaga in the Wanda Metropolitano's opening match on Saturday.

Home final only adds to Atleti's determination to get hands on trophy

Let's hope Atleti are out there lining up for the clash. If Diego Simeone reads this, I know what he'll say: You're crazy. I don't look so far ahead. I take each game as it comes.

But the fact that the Champions League final is to be on home turf will be yet further incentive for the club, for its directors, for Simeone, for the supporters...

'El Cholo' will give it a right good go this year - and all the more so the next, of that I'm sure.

Atlético already deserve to have a continental title in their trophy cabinet and, in that sense, today's news will serve as a morale boost for every Rojiblanco.

These really are historic times for Atlético Madrid. Let's enjoy them.


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