Real Madrid vs. Tottenham: striking legends go head-to-head

Real Madrid vs. Tottenham: striking legends go head-to-head

North London based Tottenham Hotspur are in town to face Real Madrid tonight with all eyes on their forward, Harry Kane. The England international is arguably currently one of the best strikers in the world.  With 25 and 29 goals in the past two campaigns respectively, he's been crowned top scorer in the Premier League. For those with long memories he evokes shades of the great Jimmy Greaves who famously claimed that scoring a goal was like gently closing the door on a Rolls Royce alluding that scoring was synonymous with elegance and that was the motivation and inspiration for the great "Greavesie".

Jimmy Greaves


The Tottenham side today evoke certain aspects of the great 1970's Spurs side. Santiago Segurola explains in today's edition of AS how the Tottenham team in the 70's were instrumental in moving away from the traditional English style which has long been both revered and condemned. This metamorphosis of style for many nowadays is deemed as irrelevant but that evolution by Tottenham was instrumental in aligning the English game with that of the rest of the world. That Spurs side with the added influence of the flair of the Brazil team of the time have evolved into the modern day version of the team. 

Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane applauds the crowd after being substituted during the Premier League match at the John Smith's Stadium

Modern day Spurs

The modern day Pochettino Tottenham side are heirs of a distinguished history and whilst this Real Madrid side are not quite that of the Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento era, it's important that the 22 players on the pitch are aware that they represent more than just the result of 90 minutes of Champions League action tonight. These players are all the beneficiaries of a distinctive style of play which has moulded the respective clubs. When Pochettino stated that until you've played at the Bernabéu you'be not been baptized as a player, he was alluding to what tonight's game represents. Real Madrid against Tottenham, a tie between two sides with rich pedigrees.  A game that will certainly be worth tuning in for.