Manuel Sanchís Senior is part of Real Madrid's history

When I received the news of Manuel's passing, I was left numbed. He was a great team mate of mine during the Ye-Yé era of Real Madrid in the 1960s. Those were such great times, when the team was full of Spanish players and it's a real shame when one of them is no longer around. I had a great friendship with Manuel. We both arrived at Real Madrid together, at the same time although he was a little older than me. One of the things which characterized Manuel was the he was such a great team mate - he was with everyone. He was a serious-minded and professional man and his warmth helped to create a great atmosphere within the dressing room and he would give everything out on the pitch. He is part of the history of Real Madrid - it was dedicated people like him who played a vital role in turning the club into what it is today.

Manuel Sanchís levels for Spain against Switzerland at Hillsborough in the 1966 World Cup finals.

Sanchís and Pirri, team mates for club and country 

Out on the pitch he was truly magnificent to watch - always sure of himself, and breathtaking fast... - both with Real Madrid and with the national team. In the run-up to the 1966 World Cup finals, the Spain squad spent 40 days preparing in Santiago and I ended up as his room mate. During the finals he scored a fantastic goal against Switzerland - that goal spoke volumes about the player he was; it is a perfect example of his commitment and determination - he picked the ball up in defence, then embarked on a bold, tearing past the opposition before tucking the ball over the Swiss keeper and into the net. He will always be in our hearts.