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Coleman: "Bale shouldn't be somewhere he is not happy"

The Wales national team manager says Gareth Bale needs to be somewhere he is happy and if he is happy at Real Madrid all and well but if not, he should move.

Coleman: "Bale no debería estar donde no sea feliz...".

Chris Coleman, the manager of Wales, has spoken about the future of Gareth Bale during a press conference for the national team.

Bale's happiness: "I would like to see Gareth player where he is going to be happy, that's what I would like to see because where he is happy is where he plays great football. He comes with us, and he is happy and we see an incredible player. He shouldn't be somewhere where he doesn't feel happy. If he is happy at Real Madrid, good; if he is not then he needs to go somewhere he is happy."

Coleman's preference: "If I am the manager for two or four more years, I would like to see him staying at Real Madrid. Okay, he's had many injuries but, generally, the Premier League is much harder than La Liga in terms of physicality."