Real Madrid's Zidane on VAR: "Less controversy but..."

Following yet more goalline errors from officials during the game, Los Blancos' manager was asked for his views as part of the Copa del Rey press conference.

Real Madrid's Zidane on VAR: "Less controversy but..."

Messi's 'non-goal' in the hotly disputed Valencia-Barcelona clash on Sunday was back in focus as Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press ahead of Real Madrid's midweek Copa del Rey game. The French coach was asked about the absence of technology being used in Spanish football and although he confirmed that advances should be embraced, he was also mindful that we do not want to lose the spontaneity of football.

Zidane asked about technology in LaLiga

Are you surprised that LaLiga does not use VAR?

"Yes, but it is planned and the Spanish football authorities will decide when. Technology changes and this is a system that is going to improve football. But Spanish football will decide when. "

Messi protests to the assistant but with no technology to refer to the officials had to stick to their decision.

What do you think about the delay to implementing VAR?

"What am I going to say? I'm not getting into that. I'm not looking for controversy, I'm just interested in my team. There are other people whose job it is to talk about that, but it's not mine. I want that football improves, like a fan does, and the rest is not my business."

Are you worried that VAR could take the emotion out of football?

"We will gain something from one side but inevitably lose something else from the other. It is reliable and certain. And, of course, as we turn to that there will be less controversy, which is the ultimate objective. But, on the other hand, I'm a little bit ... well, it will take away the spontaneity of what we love, but we have no other choice."