• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'

38' El Zhar

61' Gumbau

61' Out Rubén Pérez in Brasanac

66' Naranjo

69' Out Naranjo in Amrabat

81' Out Claudio Beauvue in Omar Ramos

Real Madrid

14' Out Jesús Vallejo in Nacho

66' Out Dani Ceballos in Modric

72' Out Marcos Llorente in Isco

88' Marco Asensio


Leganés 0-1 Real Madrid Copa del Rey: goal, as it happened

Marco Asensio placed a smart volley in to the top corner with one minute remaining to give Madrid the advantage ahead of the second leg at the Bernabéu.
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Leganés 0-1 Real Madrid Copa del Rey: goal, as it happened

Leganés 0-1 Real Madrid: summary

Marco Asensio applied a layer of make-up to a stodgy Real Madrid performance with a superb volley at Butarque. His goal gives Zinedine Zidane's misfiring side a crucial advantage ahead of the second leg at the Bernabéu on Wednesday.

A Madrid team without Ronaldo, Bale, or Marcelo struggled to dissect a well-organised Leganés. Mateo Kovacic missed a one-on-one for Madrid in the first half, but the home side carved out the better chances from an attritional match. Leganés came close to breaking the deadlock after 66 minutes when Marcos Llorente skimmed a free-kick on to his own crossbar. 

Asensio lifted Madrid from a quagmire of mediocrity with one minute remaining. He nipped in front of his marker at the near post and met Theo Hernández' low cross on the volley with a potent mix of power and precision. It flew in to the top corner. 

For the first time this season, Real Madrid have scored a decisive goal in the final five minutes of a match. Los Blancos have the advantage, but the malaise remains. 

Leganés 0-1 Real Madrid: as it happened

90'+3' There's the final whistle, which is met by a smattering of whistles. Real Madrid win it at the death through Marco Asensio. 

90'+1'   That goal has muffled the din at Butarque. One moment of quality in a quagmire of mediocrity appears to have swung the tie in Madrid's favour. 

90'   Three minutes of added time. 

89' GOOOOOOOOOL ASENSIO! That's a stunning finish from the No.20, who nips in front of his marker at the near post and lashes Theo's cross in to the top corner with a smart volley. Lovely combination of precision and power for that goal. 

87'   Mayoral forces a corner for Madrid and Lega centre-half Dimitris Siovas responds by ordering his team-mates in to position with a series of  short, sharp jabs. It does the trick, as blue-and-white shirts deal with a series of deliveries, before Modric bounces a shot in to Champagne's arms. 

85'   It's Leganés who look more likely to grab a late goal, as Amrabat floats a cross slightly too far ahead of Omar at the far post. 

83'   A Leganés coach appears to have been sent to the stands... it's unclear what his crime was. 

82' A final change for Leganés: Beauvue ambles off, Omar skips on.

81'   Theo shoves El Zhar in the back, sending him flying in to the technical area. A lot of finger pointing takes place between Theo and the referee. He has little cause for complaint. 

79'   Carvajal snatches the ball off a ballboy and gives him a steely glare. The Real Madrid players look thoroughly hacked off, and the introduction of Isco and Modric has not served to oil the machine in to action. 

75'   Beauvueeeee.... Casilla dives to his left to tip the ball around the post! Amrabat raced on to the ball on the left, cut inside, and chipped the ball over the top to his strike partner. Beauvue catches it cleanly on the volley but the 'keeper reacts well. 

73' Zidane makes an attacking change as Isco trots on for Llorente. 

72'   Lucas and Modric combine well on the right with an intricate one-two. Lucas charges in to the box, feigns to shoot, and then pokes the ball in to the body of Champagne. 

70'   Amrabat gets involved immediately, catching Diego Rico's deep cross on the volley and skewing it wide of the post. 

69' Leganés turn to the bench again. Nordin Amrabat comes on for José Naranjo.

68' The Butarque crowd turn it up to eleven as José Naranjo is booked for a foul by the corner flag. It's a small stadium, but they can't half make a racket. 

68' Luke Modric replaces Dani Ceballos, who has been anonymous. 

66'   Leganés hit the bar! Llorente gets his head on a devilish inswinging free-kick, and skids the ball on to the bar. Casilla had committed, so if the ball had been a little lower it would have dropped in to the unguarded net. 

64'   Nacho rugby tackles El Zhar on the right, and miraculously escapes without a booking thanks to the linesman's raised flag. 

63'   Tito slips under pressure from Mayoral, but somehow manages to control the ball on the floor and clear the danger. Very well done, Sir. 

61' Asier Garitano makes a first change of the night: Darko Brasanac replaces Rúben Pérez. 

57'   Diego Rico's back-heel set Naranjo free. He bursts in to the box and lashes the ball across. Casilla flaps at it, and it falls for Theo at the far post to clear. 

56'   Modric and Isco are skipping up and down the touchline. 

54'   Carvajal miscontrols and responds by clattering in to Diego Rico. He protests. To no avail. Free-kick to Lega on the touchline, which Madrid half clear. Naranjo picks up the ball 30 yards out, accelerates past Ceballos, and shoots over. 

53'   Rúben Pérez stitches Champagne up with an awkward backpass that he is forced to slice in to the crowd, under pressure from Vázquez. It wasn't pretty, but Lega avert the danger. 

51'   The stocky El Zhar goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Theo Hernández and wins a corner. Marcos Llorente waits on the edge of the six-yard box and guides it clear with his left foot. 

50'   Vázquez brings Real Madrid's spell of possession to an abrupt, overhit end as he hoofs a cross straight over the penalty box. 

48'   Leganés are on the front foot at the start of the second period. Until Javi Eraso strays offside and allows Madrid to reassume control. 

46' Real Madrid get the second half off and underway. 

All four Copa del Rey quarter-finals have been 0-0 at half time. Let's hope the second half at Butarque is a bit more lively. 

Leganés are notoriously solid at the back - particularly at home. Madrid have lacked the panache to break them down. The home side have also looked limited in attack, with Beauvue willing but often isolated. 

45'+1' HT. The referee ends that 45-minute dollop of footballing stodge. 

45'+1'   Asensio dances on to his left foot and flashes a ball through the six-yard box. Champagne hurls himself down and deflects the ball out the other side of the area. 

44'   'SCHOOOOOLEEESSSS'. Ceballos floats it for Carvajal to tonk on the volley. He's no Paul Scholes. He catches it all wrong and Leganés clear. 

43'   Tito nibbles slightly too hard at Asensio's ankles, and Madrid have a free-kick just outside the box, in line with the goal. Ceballos will whip it in. 

41'   Beauvue launches himself in the air and attempts a bicycle kick from Tito's cross. Nice acrobatics, but he only succeeds in making contact with Llorente's forehead. 

40'   Theo Hernández passes the ball straight out of play, as he continues his campaign to convince Florentino that he signed the wrong brother. 

39' Nabil El Zhar is booked for a stamp on Theo. He claims he had nowhere else to put his feet. I'm not sure that's a particularly persuasive argument. 

36'   Rúben Pérez is down in a heap after Lucas Vázquez channels his inner Mason Holgate and shoves Pérez in to an advertising hoarding. They kiss and make up, but the vocal home crowd turn the volume up another notch. 

34'   Mateo Kovavic squanders a fantastic chance. Rúben Pérez miscontrols on the edge of the box, allowing the Croatian to nip in one-on-one with the 'keeper. He aims for the near corner, but shanks it a good yard wide. He was only 12 yards out. Kovacic holds his head in his hands and Zidane barks something in to the night sky. 

33'   Beauvue isn't the biggest but he packs a punch. Lega's No.12 battles for a bouncing ball with Llorente and Varane. Madrid eventually emerge with the ball. It took them a while to shake off Beauvue, however. 

31'   Javi Eraso unleashes Lega's first shot of the evening. The ball comes in to his feet 25 yards out. He readjusts and shoots... well over. 

27'   Bustinza keeps a keen eye on Ceballos' swirling cross from the right. With Mayoral lurking behind, he heads the ball out for a corner. Ceballos sprints over to the far side to take it, but Leganés clear. 

25'   That header from Varane was the first effort on goal of the match. It's been, erm, 'one for the purists'. 

23'   It's an express out-swinging delivery from Asensio's boot to Varane's bonce. A little to high for the France international, though. He heads it up and over the bar. 

22'   Kovacic makes an excellent dart forward from midfield. Two Leganés midfielders try to hack him down. At the third time of asking, Bustinza upends him and Madrid have an opportunity to whip in a cross. 

20'   Lucas and Asensio have switched wings, with Asensio trying his luck on the right. His natural inclination will be to cut inside on to his favoured left foot. In theory, that shhould create space for Carvajal on the galloping overlap. 

18'   The ball comes over Asensio's shoulder. His view is blind, but he cushions it with a velvet touch, spins away from his marker, and recycles the ball. It doesn't lead to anything but blimey, what a touch. He landed it like a bag of sugar. 

16'   The home crowd is unleashing a torrent of whistles. Claudio Beauvue skipped past Nacho and tumbled. He thought it was a foul, and so did Butarque. The referee did not agree and Real Madrid settle in to a long spell of possession. 

15' Nacho replaces the stricken Vallejo. 

15'   Leganés have a chance to take advantage as Madrid are momentarily down to 10, but José Naranjo strays offside, allowing the change to take place. 

14'   Jesús Vallejo looks in a considerable pickle. The young defender is sat, wincing, just off the pitch. He's clutching his hamstring and spins his hands to show he needs to be replaced. 

11'   The referee has a stern word with Gerard Gumbua after he clips Ceballos on the heel. 

9'   Mayoral gives the ball away cheaply after Carvajal grapples hard to win possession. It's a big night for the striker, who has done little in his previous opportunities to suggest that he is a viable long-term No.9 for Madrid. With Benzema returning from injury, he may not get another chance.

7'   Real Madrid are dominating possession but failing to do a great deal with it, as Lucas Vázquez overhits a cross to the far post. 

5'   Casilla urges the ball to run in to his box, with Beauvue bombing down the left in an attempt to arrive before the 'keeper. Casilla scoops it up just before Beauvue can stick a toe in. 

3'   Madrid appear to have set up with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kovacic and Llorente are playing deep in midfield, with Lucas, Ceballos, and Asensio playing behind Mayoral. 

1'   Lega win a corner after 15 seconds as Beavue faces up to Varane. The Madrid No.5 clears the danger with an assured header at the near post. 

1' Peeeep! Butarque bursts in to song and Leganés get this quarter-final underway. 

The teams are out on the pitch. Raphael Varane has got the captain's armband on for Real Madrid. 

Leganés and Real Madrid first met in a friendly match in 1930. It finished 4-4. They played again in 1931, with Madrid winning 3-8. More of the same tonight would not be a burden. 

Here are the AS English predictions... I've gone for a narrow home win, so Madrid will no doubt ignite and dish out a long-overdue thrashing. 
If Real Madrid 'park the bus' tonight we'll know that they really are in a pickle. 

Leganés supporters have been travelling far and wide. This chap made it to La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors. 

The Leganés players will wear special shirts tonight bearing the name of famous comedian Chiquito de la Calzada, who passed away in November.

Leganés XI: Champagne; Tito, Bustinza, Siovas, Rico; Gumbua, Rubén Pérez; El Zhar, Eraso, Naranjo; Beauvue.

Zinedine opts for his 'Plan B', with Carvajal and Varane the only first-team regulars. 

Real Madrid XI: Casilla; Carvajal, Vallejo, Varane, Theo; Llorente, Kovacic, Ceballos; Lucas, Mayoral, Asensio.

Here's the scene at Butarque... 

Real Madrid will rival Barcelona for the signature of Real Betis midfielder Fabián. The 21-year-old has a release clause of €15 million and Betis have not yet tied him down to a long-term contract. A repeat of the battle for Dani Ceballos could await us... 

Real Madrid are on their way to the ground. 
There is a lovely sky over Butarque with a little over two hours until kick-off. 

It's the question on the collective lips of Real Madrid supporters: Should Cristiano Ronaldo stay or go? AS readers have had their say in an online poll and it's the respondants are narrowly in favour of CR7 slinging his hook...

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Leganés vs Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey! We'll bring you updates in the lead up to kick-off, followed by minute-by-minute coverage of the action.