Arsenal fans, biggest match-day spenders

Real Madrid fans are third in the match-day spending list with London based Arsenal and Chelsea leading the way.

Arsenal fans, biggest match-day spenders

Food, drinks, programmes, official merchandise are all key staples in the football match-day experience and over time have become vital revenue streams for football clubs throughout the world.

The just published UEFA European Footballing Landscape report (detailing the 2016 financial year) showcased how Arsenal lead the way when it comes to income generated pero fan with the typical spectator to the North London Emirates Stadium spending an average of €97.80 per games. Chelsea come second in the poll with the Stamford Bridge match-day goer spending an average of €90,70 per game. Real Madrid come third and are the top ranked LaLiga club with a typical visitor to the Santiago Bernabéu spending €73,80 per game.

Barcelona's fans wave 'Esteladas' (pro-independence Catalan flags) before the UEFA Champions League Group D football match FC Barcelona vs Juventus at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on September 12, 2017

Atletico...not so big spenders

In the ranking of solely spanish sides, Barcelona are in seventh place with €68,10 being the average match-day spend at a trip to Camp Nou with Athletic Bilbao also featuring in the ranking with a spend of €33,20 per game. A surprising omission from the Top 30 listing are Atlético Madrid but certainly a statistic that will change with the recent move to the Wanda Metroploitano stadium.

Average spend per spectator (season 2015/16)

Position Team Spend (in euro)
1 Arsenal 97,8
2 Chelsea 90,7
3 Real Madrid 73,8
4 Liverpool 73,5
5 Bayern Munich 72,5
6 Manchester United 70,5
7 Barcelona 68,1
8 Galatasaray 64,2
9 Manchester City 53,9
10 West Ham 46,6
11 Juventus 44,5
12 Tottenham 43,7
13 Eintracht Frankfurt 41,2
14 Basilea 40,9
15 Roma 40,7
16 Fernerbahçe 40
17 Hamburgo 39,8
18 Besiktas 39,5
19 PSG 39,1
20 Werder Bremen 38,1
21 Sion 37,9
22 Newcastle 35
23 Crystal Palace 34,6
24 Bournemouth 33,6
25 Athletic Bilbao 33,2
26 Anderlecht 33,1
27 Everton 32,8
28 Olympique de Lyon 32,3
29 Southampton 32,1
30 Stuttgart 31,1